Eagles draft picks who became the cream of the crop: 2018 & 2019


We’ve made it! It’s draft day. Merry Draftmas to you all, and a happy virtual offseason camp! Since we’re here now, let’s get back to our cream of the crop series. We’ve covered all years from 2009-2017, we’ve highlighted players like LeSean McCoy, Zach Ertz, and Carson Wentz. Now it’s time to highlight two players from the two most recent drafts!

In 2018, the Eagles jumped the Cowboys to draft tight end Dallas Goedert. Goedert is yet to have his breakout season but it may happen soon as he enters his third year in the league. Goedert has shown how explosive he can be, but some dropsies

Goedert is a big piece to an offense that is in love with the idea of 12-personnel. Goedert currently has 91 receptions, 941 receiving yards, and 9 touchdowns through two years, but has also made a tremendous impact in run-blocking. The big tight end will be a huge playmaker for the Eagles for years to come with or without Ertz on the field.

Now let’s focus on 2019. The Eagles finally answered their need for running back by selecting Penn State back, Miles Sanders. Sanders was a true difference-maker for the Eagles last season. He led not only the whole team, but all rookies in all-purpose yards with 1,641.

He also led the Eagles in rushing with 818 yards while averaging 4.6 yards per attempt which is huge. The Eagles haven’t had a true difference-maker back there since the days of LeSean McCoy. Sanders fits the mold of new-age backs with his ability to run the ball from the backfield and catch from any level on the field.

A dual-threat back and a 2nd playmaking tight end will be essential for what the Eagles are trying to do next season as they look to get back to the promised land in February. Today’s draft will play a big factor in what this offense can do going forward.