Sage Tolbert opens up on de-commitment and why he chose Temple


Sage Tolbert is a transfer from Southeast Missouri. At 6-8 210 Tolbert brings a combination of power and athleticism that will instantly impact the Temple Owls. He improved on almost every category including going down on fouls and turnovers. Tolbert averaged 9.6 points and 7 rebounds while shooting 55% from the field. I talked to him about why he committed to Temple, why he de-committed from Southeast Missouri and more for Philly Sports Network.

LJ: What made you commit to Temple?

Sage: I chose Temple because I love the city and the program’s winning culture.

LJ: Why did you feel it was time to leave Southeast Missouri?

Sage: SEMO is a good place but I felt like it was a hard place to be successful.

 LJ: What stands out to you about the way Temple plays?

Sage: I like the way Coach really lets the team play freely.

LJ: What do you like about Coach Aaron Mckie?

age: I like that he actually played at the highest level, so I’ll really trust his coaching.

 LJ: What will you bring to Temple?

Sage: I feel like I’ll bring my experience and energy on both the offensive and defensive end.

LJ: How was it growing up in Richmond, Texas? How were your parents an influence in your basketball journey?

Sage: I’m originally from New Orleans, I moved around a lot. My mother is a big influence… she taught me to work for what I want in life.

LJ: Have you had a real Philly cheesesteak yet from Philadelphia?

Sage: No I haven’t

LJ: What does Temple like about you and what have they said about your future with the team?

Sage: My athleticism and versatility. They think I can be a big contributor with my skills and experience

Mandatory Credit: Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports