Flyers Check-In: Carter Hart


In the last edition of Philly Sports Network’s “Flyers Check-In,” we caught up with Scott Laughton. Yesterday, starting goaltender Carter Hart was featured on a conference call during the pause of the 2019-2020 NHL season. Hart is one of the faces of the organization. His youth and talent is something that the Philadelphia Flyers have longed for since Sergei Bobrovsky was in Philadelphia. Here’s what we took away from checking in with Hart:

A Healthy Hart

“The strength coach is sending us all programs to do. I have that all to stay in shape. Actually, my yoga instructor is still doing one-on-one so I am getting to see her two times a week.”

Carter Hart; 4/9/2020

As a goaltender, stretching is vital. While Carter Hart isn’t the only Philadelphia Flyers player we’ve checked-in on who does yoga, he is the first to report that he is still attending one-on-one classes with his instructor. Just like Scott Laughton, Hart is incorporating extra yoga during this quarantine to compliment what programs he receives from the Flyers strength coach. The common idea is that if the NHL season resumed, it would take about two weeks for the team to condition. That’s the difference between being “in shape” and being in “hockey shape.”

Reflecting on the NHL Pause

“It sucks that we’re not playing hockey right now. There’s bigger things going on right now in the world. Everybody’s in the same boat.”

Carter Hart; 4/9/20

We agree, Carter Hart. The silver-lining is specifically that hockey isn’t over yet and everyone is doing their part in flattening the curve of COVID19. As mentioned, Hart is taking on his responsibility to stay prepared in case rumors are true about the NHL resuming from a neutral site. With the season that Hart has put together at the Wells Fargo Center, the next big thing that he misses about this NHL season is playing in front of the Philadelphia Flyers fans.

“It definitely was electric building to play in down the stretch. I think it’s tough for opponents to come into the Wells Fargo Center when the place is going off like that.”

Carter Hart; 4/9/20

Hart’s Growth in 2019-2020

For the development of Carter Hart as a starting goaltender in the NHL, playoff experience is crucial. It’s as important as a quarterback in the NFL during the playoffs. When the pressure is at an all-time high, how does a young player respond? Playoff experience this season would be huge for Hart. Along with that experience, he’s grown as an NHL goaltender another way.

“This year I learned playing a full season, I think it’s really important that you stay on top of your body conditions, staying healthy and staying in shape. Doing all the little things to make sure every night you perform. You are decreasing the chances of injuries.”

Carter Hart; 4/9/20

A primary focus for Carter Hart is to make sure that he is ready to go every night. Preserving his body with maintenance days is key to maximizing a steady career.

Quarantine Carter

Carter Hart referenced the group chat that Kevin Hayes did previously. Hart is taking all of this one day at a time, video calling friends, family, and teammates. He cites that Travis Konecny may be one of the better gamers on the Philadelphia Flyers. While Hart is playing “Call of Duty” or “NBA 2K20,” he credits Konecny with being a pretty good “Fortnite” player.

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