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In our first installment of “Flyers Check-In,” we at Philly Sports Network brought you up to speed with Kevin Hayes. Today, Scott Laughton was featured on a conference call during the pause of the 2019-2020 NHL season. Laughton, known for being chippy on the ice, cannot wait for the NHL season to possibly resume. His heart is the right place, right beside all of us who miss the game dearly. Here is what we took away from checking in with Laughton:

Laughton Keeps In Tune

There is a mutual feeling of optimism between the NHL players during this suspension of league play. If the NHL season were to resume, Scott Laughton was asked how long he feels the Philadelphia Flyers would need for a reboot training camp. His answer, straight from the player’s heart, creates a reasonable timeframe to continue the NHL season. Laughton thinks that two weeks would be enough time to find a groove after if the season was allowed to continue. He then gave some insight into how he is keeping his body tuned in to playing shape.

“Our trainers in Philly have begun to give us [workouts] to do at home. I’ve been in contact with my trainer back home too. Mixing those two together. The odd day, I will do some yoga with my girlfriend in the living room.”

Scott Laughton; 4/7/2020

Scott Laughton credits his teammate, James van Riemsdyk, with providing details to fitness and nutrition during COVID19. He touches on the idea that everyone has their programs to stay agile, quick, and healthy. van Riemsdyk helps his teammates with the finer details of conditioning programs during the quarantine.

A Stanley Cup Thirst

“I know, especially in Philly, guys definitely want to play and have a chance of winning the Cup.”

Scott Laughton; 4/7/2020

The feeling is mutual between the Philadelphia Flyers and their fans. Scott Laughton is all-in to complete a playoff run at a neutral site. Anything that gives the franchise a chance to play for the Stanley Cup. The Flyers were buzzing before the NHL suspended play. It would be a travesty if Philadelphia were robbed of an opportunity to seize the Stanley Cup after one of their strongest seasons in the last decade.

“You do this all year. You fight for a good spot. For that to come short, I think the ultimate goal is to win the Stanley Cup. To have that cut short would definitely be disappointing.”

Scott Laughton; 4/7/2020

After the rumors about the NHL seeking an opportunity to continue the regular season at a neutral site, how does that affect the Philadelphia Flyers? An outlier this season is specifically how elite the Flyers have been at home. The ultimate question is if a neutral site with no fans levels the competition or puts Philadelphia at a disadvantage. Before the end of the season, one could argue that the Flyers were beginning to improve on the road. Scott Laughton echoes that sentiment.

“Obviously our home record was pretty elite this year and we did a really good job. Hartsy was really good at home. Just a lot of things came together for us at home. I think we were playing better on the road as the season went on.”

Scott Laughton; 4/7/2020

Learning From New Teammates

Certain additions to the Philadelphia Flyers this season, particularly Kevin Hayes and Matt Niskanen, have welcomed a new identity to this team. A bonus for the Flyers was the previous relationship between Alain Vigneault and Hayes. Scott Laughton cites that Hayes has been able to transition smoothly from a division rival to Philadelphia because he is familiar with his coaching style. The presence a player brings to a team is important to locker room chemistry.

“Not only on the ice is he a pretty special player, but he’s a special guy off the ice. He’s been huge and the other additions, Nisky and Brauner, have brought such a presence to our team. They’re really good guys off the ice.”

Scott Laughton; 4/7/2020

While Kevin Hayes brings his bright personality to the locker room and keeps the players loose on the ice, Matt Niskanen defines dedication to his craft. The Philadelphia Flyers notice Niskanen as one of the hardest-working players on the roster. For a forward like Scott Laughton, he sings high praises about the accurate passing ability Niskanen possesses. When Alain Vigneault became the head coach of the Flyers, his brand of leadership became contagious to the rest of the organization. That leadership resides mightily with Niskanen.

Laughton’s Breakout Season

“To be honest, it probably started last year, later on in the year when I started playing with Patty and Simmer. Started to get a little more confidence there, started putting out more points and having success in the league. That kind of translated over into this year where I was given a role where I was really comfortable.”

Scott Laughton; 4/7/2020

It has been noticeable all season long. Scott Laughton is the most improved forward from last season. What is exciting is how he acknowledges Nolan Patrick as a player he was most comfortable with. That is worth noting for the future seasons to come. Once Patrick can control his migraines, get ready for another offensive tandem. Laughton is only heating up with the Philadelphia Flyers.

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