J.T. Realmuto: Captain of the Cosmos



Where Matt Stairs’ 2008 NLCS home run ended up.

This is the story of the brave Captain of the M.P.V. Philadelphia and his origins.


For so long, we’d been rivals, Reamluto thought to himself.

Recruited out of high school, the Miami fleet was all JT Realmuto knew. A once-prosperous fleet, Miami had found itself in troubling times. The tragic passing of Rear Admiral Jose Fernandez seemed to be the start.

Soon after, Vice Admiral was transferred to the New York branch, commonly known as the “Yanks”. Rear Admiral Christian Yelich and Captain Marcel Ozuna soon met similar fates, shipping out to Milwaukee and St. Louis, respectfully.

By that time, Realmuto had become the new Vice Admiral. But with new recruits left and right, the fleet was the joke of the galaxy.

It was then that Philadelphia came a-knockin’.

The offer of Lieutenant Jorge Alfaro and promising recruit Sixto Sanchez was enough to get the exchange papers stamped. Of course, there were some back draws to the deal for Realmuto.

With the recruitment of Admiral Bryce Harper, Realmuto would be forced to be demoted to Captain upon arrival.

“It will all be worth it,” whispered Realmuto to himself.

Today would be his introduction to the city of Philadelphia. The press had all gathered in the room just ahead. Admiral Cheif of Fleet Operations Matt Kletak and Fleet Admiral Gabe Kapler would be the ones introducing Realmuto.

Cameras flashed as the 3 walked on stage. Next to the table sit a rack with a freshly pressed uniform with Realmuto’s new colors. The 3 sat down and Klentak was speaking.

“…We’re thrilled to have him and I am privileged to present him with his official uniform, ID number 10.”

It was then that Realmuto was adorned in his new uniform. Joy could be seen on his face as he fit every button into place. The cameras snapped, capturing the moment.

He knew. He was now a Philadelphia “Phillie”.

part 2 coming soon!

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports