Dissecting Howie Roseman’s comments about Alshon Jeffery


Is Howie Roseman truly convinced the Eagles receiving corps is that good? The team’s top two receivers (DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery) combined for four touchdowns and 203 receiving yards in week one of 2019, but unfortunately, that would be the last time we saw both veterans play together all season. Alshon was in and out for the majority of games until he was finally shut down due to a foot injury, while Jackson didn’t play a single game until the teams’ matchup against the Bears – a game that ended with Jackson being out for the season due to a core muscle injury.

On Friday, Howie Roseman jumped on WIP Radio to discuss the current state of the organization. When asked about the “Elephant in the room” in Alshon Jeffery, the Eagles GM stood tall in giving Alshon a vote of confidence by saying,” The Eagles just need Alshon to get healthy.”

That statement can be dissected in so many ways at this point in the offseason. The NFL Draft is about a month away and teams everywhere know that the Eagles need a young wideout this time around. They also know that less than a month ago, a reports were ripe stating that the team was planning on moving on from the 30-year-old wideout.

It makes sense. The 30-year-old wideout has been at the center of an anonymous locker room issue for quite some time now by affiliation. It doesn’t help that another report came out earlier this month stating that Alshon was confronted by a teammate in regards to the supposed anonymous quotes.

It makes you wonder if it is even healthy for Alshon and the Eagles to stay together at this point. Does it even make sense? Alshon deserves to be a WR1 when he’s healthy but he hasn’t been a consistently healthy player. The Eagles need to learn from their mistakes with Donovan McNabb and give Wentz the weapons he needs.

The whole world saw McNabb explode once Terrell Owens came to Philly. Why wouldn’t you want to replicate such a thing for Wentz? There are too many questions right now but only one question really matters.

What is Howie Roseman up to?

We all know Howie loves offense and its no secret that they haven’t signed a single offensive player this offseason. They’ve been rumored to be “in” on several NFL standouts but why bring in a veteran when you can give Wentz a player to grow with. Look at what Hopkins did for Watson and what he’ll do for Murray. Julio Jones has kept Matt Ryan relevant. Aaron Rodgers had Jordy Nelson as his go-to for years.

Michael Jordan can’t exist without Scottie Pippen. Sometimes you need a South Beach moment to be successful. Great NFL QB’s benefit more when they have a Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

It’s hard for me to buy into the fact that Howie believes in Alshon so much, especially when he said: “One of my weaknesses is that I get attached to our players.” That weakness doesn’t only apply to Malcolm Jenkins and Jason Peters, I believe it also applies to Alshon. Alshon was a hero back in 2017 and was one of the best signings by Howie. There’s the attachment.

Howie has a bigger attachment though. an attachment to his franchise QB who he just invested big-time money in the last offseason. So now the question becomes, do you really believe that Howie will leave Carson hanging for the sake of Alshon Jeffery?

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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