Claude Giroux remains positive, speaks about the NHL season’s fate


Yesterday afternoon, Claude Giroux video called into a conference call with Sidney Crosby, Jordan Staal, and Marc Staal on behalf of Sportsnet. After many of us were teased with snippets on Twitter of this fun call, the video was finally released later last night.

If you don’t have the time to watch the full half-hour, I watched for you, and put all of Claude Giroux’s answers below:

Foundation questions:

Where are you guys at?

“I’m in Ottawa, spending time here with the family, haven’t left the house in a few days, just trying to stay busy, but that’s pretty much it”

How much are you staying in shape, not having team facilities affecting that, and how does uncertainty affect training regime?

“Yeah, I think like Jordan said, just mentally not knowing if or when we come back is tough, I have a bike in my basement that’s pretty much it, doing old school workout doing push-ups and sprints. Tough not having the equipment for it”

How frustrating is it to go from the run your team was on right before we paused the season to sitting right home and wondering when things will start?

“Yeah, we were playing some good hockey and a good position going into the playoffs, and uh you know but I’ve been thinking about it everyday of when we’ll go back, or if we’ll go back. But you know you obviously don’t want to overthink it as much as frustrating as it may be, but just have to stay positive here.” 

If you could pick one teammate to be stuck with, who would it be?

“Probably go with Michael Raffl, it’s never boring with him he’s always entertaining. He’d probably keep me busy”

Flyers’ questions:

Hockey relies a lot on rhythm and chemistry, what kind of hockey, what kind of level of play do you expect when we resume?

“Ah, it’s unknown I don’t know, it just depends on how long of a training camp if we have one or I mean right now everything is unknown so it’s a bit hard to answer that question.”

Claude, how are you keeping the Flyers together?

“We have a busy group chat, everyone kinda gets involved in and we did that group Facetime the other day, which didn’t go that well everyone just started screaming so couldn’t hear anybody. But you know, just trying to keep the group chat going and yeah just staying busy with that”

If the league we’re to resume which we’re all hoping and planning, how would you want it to resume? Claude, you were a point out first place and coming hard, what is your view?

“Oh I mean, it’s hard to tell, but it would be good to get a few games before the playoffs before we dive in, especially for the teams trying to get in. You want to give everyone a fair chance to get in I’d say. Whatever is the fairest, I think everyone would accept that.”

Claude, I don’t think you need too much perspective on life here, but you focus on hockey and then when does something pitch in and makes you think ‘wow, there’s a lot going on and it’s more important?

“Yeah, of course, you can see what can happen overseas it got really bad really quick and it’s slowly getting over here so it’s about trying to stay as informed as possible and you can see. Here in Ottawa, everyone is staying home and no one’s going anywhere so you can see how I think everyone is buying in for what every country is trying to do and hopefully it gets better soon.”

Some lighter, fun questions:

Anything that’s helped you feel good about things?

“Yeah I think early on a lot of people weren’t taking this very seriously, and you can see the last few weeks people are really making sure everyone is making sure people are staying home. I think we’re making sure this is making sure we’re going the right direction but like I said there’s a lot of unknown and we just have to do our part”

Alright, this is a lighter note, but this is a veteran group. A lot of kids are turning to video games to supplement their hockey fix. Who plays, here, anybody?

Giroux instantly jumps in to say: “I bought an Xbox a couple of days ago, I played Scott Laughton in Fifa and lost twice, so I haven’t really picked it up again. My confidence is hurting right now.”

What do you miss the least about playing the other three guys on this call?

“Claude’s always chirping out there on the ice, I don’t miss that. He doesn’t stop talking” – Marc Staal

“I don’t miss Marc’s stick always in my way, start getting out of my way next time. And Jordan and Sid, they cheat so much in faceoffs, so I don’t miss that.”

Sid jumps in and says “That’s funny, I was going to say the same about you”

Claude then jokingly refuted right away: “I knew you were going to say that, that’s why I said it!”

TV, Music, who’s got something they’re binging right now who they want to recommend?

“We just finished we just started Valhalla Murders so when the baby goes to bed it’s kind of glorious and we’re off to the couch.”   

Since we’re all old enough to know what an album is, what the album of choice if you only have one?

“Probably ACDC, just kinda get me fired up alone on that island.”

And one last fun one I think, but what’s the best social hockey stuff you’ve seen online? Who’s killing it on social media?

Sid instantly shook his head, as he “is like an old man.” Claude didn’t have an answer as well. The veterans not only limit their use but barely notice the other guys who do it.

Here’s your time for a message to your fans, and Claude if you can do it in two languages, we’d love it

Claude’s message to fans:

“Yeah, I hope everyone’s doing their part. You know, we want to get back an play in front of you guys. We miss playing in front of you guys and the first step to it is everyone to do their part. Nobody speaks French in Philly.”

This, indeed, brought laughter to end the interview. Giroux and Crosby had some fun and lightened the mood of this devastating time. Just like these guys, we’re all wishing hockey resumes soon.

Mandatory Credit – © Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

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