The Flyers Fan Guide to the 2019-2020 NHL Suspension


So, you’re in complete hockey withdrawal because of COVID19? Are you living in perpetual anxiety, just waiting for an answer about the future of the 2019-2020 NHL season? You’re not alone. We all miss the entertainment that the sports world has to offer. We miss hockey.

When it comes to the NHL, we can only wait to see how this all plays out over the next six weeks. In all likelihood, the next update about the 2019-2020 NHL season won’t come until mid to late April. Either way, there will be changes to the NHL calendar. Nothing has been confirmed, but franchises are preparing for no NHL combine, a war-room draft, and a no visitation free agency. Take this time to cool down.

That being said, I am taking on the responsibility to provide a guide to the Philadelphia Flyers fans during the NHL suspension period. Here are just a few simple guidelines to not losing your sanity during the COVID19 quarantine period:

Stay Active, Skate Hard

First and foremost, we at Philly Sports Network care deeply about the health of not only our staff and readers but everyone in the world. That’s why we point out that exercise is not only essential to keep your mind sharp, but it correlates with a strong immune system. Take on the day the way that Claude Giroux would. If you catch yourself slipping down to a knee, remember that you can regroup and finish your goal.

Take Care of Your Bare Hands

These are some of the most essential tools that anyone could ever have. Take care of your body and keep these tools clean. All kinds of Philadelphia Flyers have proven to be very skilled with their bare hands. It’s because, in order to have the top-notch tools, you have to treat them with the utmost care. Even Gritty keeps his hands clean.

Use Your Feet

Instead of touching things with your hands, try using your feet. Have to use the restroom in public. Use your foot to flush. The Philadelphia Flyers do it all the time. Especially in crowded cities, like Washington D.C.

Paper Towels

Did you go to your closest store and panic buy all of the paper towels? In a time of crisis, be sure to share with your neighbor to make sure that they have enough too. Being selfless can go a long way. When people are too greedy and inconsiderate, the Philadelphia Flyers send Gritty to put you in the penalty box.

Sanitizer Never Hurt Anybody

It’s a nice touch. You want to double down when you aren’t near a sink with soap to wash your hands. It doesn’t mean to drench your hands in sanitizer. Over sanitizing can remove important bacteria that your body actually needs.

Enjoy The Simple Things

If you are currently home because your job shut down business operations, try not to focus on the negatives. Spend more time with your family and binge shows with your wife or girlfriend. Watch some awful reality TV shows. When sports comes back around, you’ll have earned your time to watch. Bond, now more than ever.

Of course, along with these things, there are essential ways to prevent the spread of COVID19. Practice washing your hands often, cough into your elbow, don’t touch your face, practice social distancing, and stay home! The Philadelphia Flyers released a PSA with specific steps for the best hand-washing experience. Just like the Flyers, you are best at home.

Mandatory Credit – © Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

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