Does the Suspended NBA Season give Brett Brown Job Security?


The NBA faces a period of uncertainty during this recently suspended season. Just how long will the season be suspended? Commissioner Adam Silver confirmed that the season will be suspended for at least 30 days, but what if the suspension lasts longer? While it may only last 30 days that could turn into months which could turn into canceling the season.

While that may be extreme, the league is clearly in uncharted territory. Beyond that, the rest of the world seems to be unsure how to proceed from here. Hopefully, the situation will be resolved soon but there could be side-effects if the league faces an extended suspension

One such side-effect could impact the 76ers future and that is the future of their current Head Coach, Brett Brown. There has been plenty of conversation around how secure Brown’s job is, this suspension could potentially be a factor.

If the season was not suspended, Brown’s fate would likely have been decided by the Sixers’ playoff appearance. A playoff run would likely mean Brown is safe another year. If the team flounders and falls easily in the first two rounds, then Brown would likely be looking elsewhere for employment.

Again the season may not be suspended long enough to impact Brett Brown’s job but the fact is no one knows. Here are a few ways different suspension times could affect Brett Brown’s job:

30 Days

Best case scenario, the season is only suspended for 30 days. If that is the case the league would have a few options on how to resume: they could either end the regular season and proceed directly to the playoffs; they could cancel all games missed within the 30 days and pick up the schedule thereafter; or, in the most likely case, the NBA could opt to not cancel any games and just resume the season when it is safe to do so. In this instance, let’s assume the third scenario.

If the league picks up where it left off, the Sixers will hopefully have one key advantage, the health of Ben Simmons. It was reported recently that Ben Simmons is out at minimum for an additional three weeks so the extra time off will be beneficial for him. With a healthy Ben Simmons, the Sixers have a much better chance to climb the Eastern Conference standings giving them more desirable playoff positioning.

How Brett Brown Can Keep His Job

Where the Sixers rank at the end of the season will likely make a huge difference in their post-season performance. The Sixers have well-documented struggles on the road. Having some type of home-court advantage would be huge for the Sixers who hold the best home record in the NBA. If the Sixers can climb the standings and put on an impressive show in the playoffs, Brett Brown will likely remain the team’s Head Coach.

How Brett Brown Could Lose His Job

If the team struggles when the season resumes, Brett Brown will face an uphill battle. Even with a healthy Ben Simmons, there is no guarantee that the Sixers will rise in the Eastern Conference standings. The team could continue to struggle and finish with the fifth or sixth seed. Without home-court advantage in the playoffs, the Sixers may end up a first-round exit. As stated previously, they struggle mightily on the road.

If this team fails to make it past the first round, Brett Brown is as good as gone. Even if they do manage the upset, he would soon face his next test in the second round. Without an impressive performance, Brown will still likely find himself on the outs in Philly.

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Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports