What the Marty Mornhinweg hire means for Eagles offense

2) Experience and Versatility

As an NFL coach, Mornhinweg has a long list of achievements, has worked with many generational talents and has authored multiple successful seasons in multiple roles with professional franchises. He has worked with all sorts of players and skillsets and has done relatively well modifying his playbook and scheme to the talent he has in-house. He has also coached every offensive position in the book.

In his first tenure with the Eagles from 2003 – 2012, he helped Donovan McNabb steadily improve as a passer; Brian Westbrook find his feet as a dual-threat offensive weapon and helped the Eagles get to two conference championships and a Super Bowl. When he took over play-calling for Andy Reid, the Eagles employed a more balanced equilibrium of pass and run. It’s important to note that despite his adherence to the West Coast offense, his teams have housed a 1,000-yard rusher in multiple years.

In his time as an NFL coach, he has finished with a top 10 scoring offense nine times, a top 10 passing offense nine times and a top 10 rushing offense nine times. In his 18 years as an OC or HC, he achieved a top 15 offense (in yards) twelve times.

It goes without saying that what has been most impressive about Mornhinweg’s coaching career is his versatility. Being what many consider to be an old-age coach, beginning his career more than two decades ago, he has remarkably been at the helm of a wide array of successful modern offenses. Most recently, in 2018, he was tasked with the Baltimore Ravens’ offensive transition from a pass-happy attack under Joe Flacco, to the league’s most potent rushing attack — harnessing then-rookie Lamar Jackson’s unique running abilities.

He was also the co-author of Michael Vick’s impressive return to football. Known mostly for his ability to escape the pocket, the new look Vick showed more poise in the pocket, showcasing his rocket arm, while maintaining his ability to make something out of nothing. We saw a more decisive Vick, one with better footwork, more streamlined throwing motion and the same rocket arm.

He has also worked with a vast array of coaches. That list includes Mike Holmgren, Steve Mariucci, Reid, Rex Ryan (who by all accounts was not the easiest to work with), and John Harbaugh.

Versatility will be essential for the Eagles offense in 2020 for many reasons. Being a position-less coach allows Marty to move between assistants, helping to coordinate the finite details of each play, position and overall scheme. Hopefully, this will help streamline an already complicated offensive coaching layout. Having an experienced coach to disseminate and articulate the end goal will be essential to coordinating such a large group of, well, coordinators.

In 2019, the Eagles were forced to find a myriad of ways to win games. Some games it was their rushing attack that willed them to victory, while other wins were due to Carson Wentz’s excellence. Much of the time, it depended on the available personnel. While the Birds hope to have better luck with injuries this season, it’s likely they will still be dependent on a multi-faceted offensive attack that may feature a new star player every week. The coaching staff will need to adjust; something that Mornhinweg has shown a propensity for.

The bottom line is that Marty Mornhinweg has an irreplaceable level of experience coaching all sorts of offenses and all kinds of talent. He will be bringing said experience back to Philadelphia in an attempt to streamline a crowded offensive coaching staff while providing insights on a number of areas. He has worked with Doug Pederson and Duce Staley before and has a familiarity with the Eagles’ offensive scheme. This is a solid hire for a team looking to continue their recent success while making moves towards the future.

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