Sixers reportedly open to trading Al Horford this offseason


Reports have begun circling around the NBA that the Sixers will in fact be exploring opportunities to move off of Al Horford this summer. This is a pretty significant shift in mindset from the Sixers’ front office, considering that less than a month ago the team wasn’t even picking up the phone on Horford-related offers around the trade deadline.

The Horford signing has been nothing short of a disaster for the 76ers. In his first 55 games with the team, Horford is posting near-career lows pretty much across the board. His three-point and field goal percentages are down big time when compared to last year.

Outside of Horford’s personal struggles, he’s also hurt the overall “vibe” of the Sixers. Once a young and fun-loving team, the group has now experienced locker room issues left and right. Joel Embiid noticeably struggles playing next to Horford, and he hasn’t been afraid to voice it either.

 In the report made by Jeff Zillgitt, the Sixers expressed they’d only move Horford for shooting. While the team may not get to be too picky on what he is ultimately traded for, there are in fact some high profile shooters projected to be available this offseason. Guys like Bradley Beal and Buddy Hield have made it widely known they are not happy in their current situations.

After 2020, Horford is still owed another $81 million dollars. A shockingly large number for someone who’s performed so poorly while also creeping into their mid 30s. Hearing that the Sixers front office is now leaning towards shopping him this offseason is good news for everyone involved.

Mandatory Credit – © Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports