An Eagles-based NFL Combine Shopping List: Wide Receivers


KJ Hamler

Penn State – 5’9” 178 lbs

Another one of my favorite players in the draft who may also be underrated due to his size, KJ Hamler is a difference-maker. He has more than enough speed to burn while also bringing any offense some versatility if they’re in need of a gadget player.

Hamler has already mentioned that he hopes his best friend, Miles Sanders has put in a good word for him with the Eagles brass in which Sanders responded, “You think I didn’t?!” Hamler is tough as nails an also models his game after another Eagles player, DeSean Jackson.

The rapid wideout makes all the sense in the world as the Eagles are going to need an explosive slot receiver and a wideout that can take the top off any defense. The tried it with Agholor and well, you know how that went. The only concern heading into the NFL for KJ will be his size but if used correctly, he’ll for sure be a difference-maker.

Brandon Aiyuk

Arizona State – 6’0” 205 lbs

Aiyuk is one of the purest receivers of this draft. He has size and speed. He has terrific ability as a pass-catcher with even better RAC ability. He also averaged 18.3 yards per catch for Arizona State in 2019.

Aiyuk has a unique ability to turn the burners on at any moment, a big play receiver that can also help in the creativity aspect of a team’s game plan. Just like Hamler, Aiyuk can also be used as a gadget player with his smooth ability to run from the backfield with the vision of a running back.

This is all reflected in his versatile play, but he is expected to be a WR2/WR3 depending on where he lands.

Antonio Gandy-Golden

Liberty – 6’4” 223 lbs

Gandy Golden. Probably one of the most intriguing prospects in this draft. Antonio has a unique skillset just like Tee Higgins and also has sneaky speed for a big guy. His catch radius is wider than most and his ability to run after the catches great a well.

One thing that I admire about his game is his ability to track the ball and adjust his path whenever necessary which, again, is something that most Eagles receivers lack. He made huge improvements in his catching ability from 2018-2019 but still has work to be done in his route running. Gandy-Golden could be a big draft steal in the later rounds unless he drastically improves his stock at the combine.

Van Jefferson

Florida – 6’1” 200 lbs

Van Jefferson won’t blow you away with breakaway speed but will throw corners off with his unique route-running skills. He’s great against press coverage and excels from the slot position. The Florida product has very strong hands that allow him to protect the ball at his point of catch.

Even though he lacks the explosiveness that you would want in a slot receiver, Van has a great ability to get the ball upfield right after the catch for more yards.

Denzel Mims

Baylor – 6’3” 207 lbs

Mims is a unique combination of speed, height, and weight. According to his agent, Mims can absolutely run a 4.35, which for a receiver at his height is great. He’s a great deep ball threat but lacks the ability to fully separate himself from his defenders. Mims is a terrific prospect but may have to be pushed a bit at the next level.

Some scouts feel he lacks focus on his route running and on his ability to catch the 50/50 balls. Although he has a tremendous catch radius, Mims has to want it more than the next guy if he wants to tap into his full potential. If Mims can do that then he’ll be a tremendous “Z” receiver in the NFL.

 Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports