What we learned from the Eagles combine press conferences


The NFL combine is underway which means there’s a lot of excitement that follows it, one being the fact that you can hear the GM and Coach talk about the state of the team. Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson were both very vocal about not discussing contract situations with current players but that doesn’t mean they would hold back on other things that needed to be addressed.

First and foremost, Roseman seems focused on bringing a balance of young and veteran players on to the 2020 Eagles team. One thing he’s very focused on is retooling the team to be great for the long. Since 2017, the Eagles have added veteran players that were undervalued by other teams but cheap in their price. Now, Roseman wants to bring in players that we’ll be apart of the team’s core throughout the next 3 years. He’s willing to pay the value as long as it doesn’t sacrifice flexibility on the team’s overall cap space.

Roseman was also very adamant about stating the fact that he’s looking for a way to surround Wentz with playmakers to keep his franchise QB as healthy as possible. Coach Pederson also touched on this a bit by saying the team won’t solely be focused on speed but instead will look to bring in playmakers. A key phrase that both the GM and coach relied on.

Playmakers on both sides of the ball will be crucial to the overall progress of the team going forward, but it’s great to hear that the Eagles are open for business with no hesitation. Howie even touched on the value of having 10 picks in this year’s draft. He admitted that he had to sacrifice some really good players to ensure they would have 10 picks.

Could you blame them? The team has had only ten picks in the last two seasons. The great thing about this is that this gives the Eagles flexibility in not only the draft but also in the trade market. The team is open to doing whatever it takes to be great but Howie has eyes set on his own three-year timeline.

Switching focus now to Pederson, Coach lates to rest the rumor that Jeffrey Lurie was involved in the decision making of his staff. He mentioned that he appreciates Lurie for giving him full control of who he wanted to bring in and according to Pederson, he has the right guys for the jobs now. Pederson is especially excited about the growth and promotion of Press Taylor and the addition of a Rich Scangarello. He mentioned how Rich was brought in to help bring the offense to a different level after failing the last two seasons.

Scangarello’s main focus will be to bridge the gap between the run game and passing game while also helping develop Wentz. He’ll have as much input in-game planning as the next guy. Another addition he’s excited about is WR Coach Aaron Moorehead. Aaron is an experienced player that once played with the great Peyton Manning.

With the coaching staff fully loaded, the Eagles are switching into high gear in hopes they can retool this team enough to be a contender for years to come.

Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports