J.T. Realmuto’s Arbitration Hearing set For Wednesday


J.T, Realmuto will know the outcome of his 2020 salary tomorrow. His arbitration hearing is set for Wednesday in Phoenix Arizona. Realmuto will workout with the team on Tuesday and will then board a plane and fly to Arizona for the hearing. Realmuto is in his third and final season of arbitration. He becomes a free agent after this season unless he and the Phillies come to a long term deal. I am hopeful but not 100% confident in Phillies General Manager, Matt Klentak.

Realmuto asked for $12.6 million for 2020. The Phillies countered with $10 million. It seems that going to arbitration over $2.6 million dollars with the best catcher in baseball is a really dumb move by Klentak and the company. However, this appears to be what Realmuto wanted. Realmuto previously stated that he is fighting for catchers in future arbitration cases. At a minimum, Realmuto will be paid almost double his 2019 salary.

“One way or another, I’m going to be playing baseball in Philly this year,” Realmuto said. “I’m going to either be making $10 million or $12 million, and I’ll be happy either way. I’m blessed to get to do what I do for a living for a lot of money so either way, I’m happy.”

There is no reason to not sign Realmuto to a multi-year deal. Klentak has to get this done before the Phillies head north.

Who’s on third?!

As the first full-team practice took place Monday, Jean Segura was on third while Scott Kingery played second. With the signing of Didi Gregorius, Segura by default has been moved from shortstop. Segura hinted that he would rather play short, but would play whenever the team needs him. He has played second base in the past.

Segura enters camp with a new dedicated mindset. He lost 14 pounds by eating right and looks to be in great shape. Segura said he stopped drinking alcohol, whiskey being his preferred drink, and is eating better. He appears to have an overall better attitude.

After practice, Phillies Manager, Joe Girardi, said he thought that Segura looked natural at third base.


The other half of this combo, Scott Kingery must live in the gym during the off-season. Dude is jacked! He apparently knows what all meatheads know. The winter is “bulking season!” #gainz

Kingery looks to improve on the 2019 season and hopefully has a permanent position in the infield. As of the first day, he was at second base, but this could just be Girardi taking a look at all his options. It will be telling what Girardi wants to do during the games, which start Saturday.

News and Notes:

Andrew “My Friends Call Me Larry” McCutchen is at spring training, however, he is not practicing with the team. McCutchen is still recovering from the ACL injury that he suffered back in June. When asked if he will be ready to go on opening day he responded. “That’s the plan for me. The plan is for me to be ready.”

Spencer Howard tweaked his knee in a workout prior to reporting to camp. The injury appears to be very minor as a precautionary MRI showed no significant injury. Howard said this regarding the news:

“Just landed kind of funny, but no big deal,” he said. “The MRI was all clear. Nothing is like actually injured, just pretty much gives me an excuse to do nothing early.”

The plan had been to limit Howard’s innings anyway. The injury appears to allow the Phillies to bring Howard along slowly.

I’ll leave you with a little Bryce Harper and that sweet sound of the wood bat cracking the ball. BASEBALL IS BACK!!!!!!!


 Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports