Bolden out, Pelle in. Sixers Bring Back Big Man.


The Philadelphia 76ers have made another move, one that may excite Sixers fans. The team is waiving Jonah Bolden and signing Norvel Pelle to an NBA contract.

Bolden flashed some potential for the Sixers, but could never seem to put it all together. He had spent most of this season with the Delaware Blue Coats averaging roughly 11 points and seven rebounds. The promise was there, but Bolden just hasn’t seen the growth many were hoping for or expecting. The Sixers also had a need for another quality big man off the bench and Novel Pelle fits the bill.

Pelle appeared in 14 games for the Sixers this season under a two-way contract. In that time, Pelle everaged 2.5 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks while shooting 55% from the field. Those number don’t fly off the screen but in his 11 minutes a game, Pelle made his presence known.

What will his role look like?

An athletic shot blocker, Pelle will hopefully provide some much needed interior defense the Sixers have lacked as of late. Embiid has played soft, Horford is playing power forward, and Kyle O’Quinn isn’t much of a defender. Pelle should bring the toughness and defensive instincts the Sixers need. He is riddled with energy and though he will play a smaller role, hopefully his energy will rub off on his teammates.

He will most likely continue to average just over 10 minutes but will see more action on off nights for Embiid or match-ups against strong center talent. The team could use Pelle’s impact with their defensive struggles, and Bolden was wasting a roster spot.

It won’t solve all the issues the Sixers are facing but it’s one more box checked.

Mandatory Credit – © Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports