Does a Robert Covington reunion make sense for the Sixers?


It’s trade deadline week and the Sixers should be active players in trade discussions. One player the Sixers are rumored to be interested is Minnesota Timberwolves Small Forward Robert Covington. You may remember that Covington was a key member of the Sixers ‘process’ era. A reunion between the Sixers and Covington is certainly exciting but is it in the team’s best interest?

Would there be any benefit to adding Covington? Sure. Would he solve all the Sixers’ problems? No. Is he worth the price? Maybe?

Pros of trading for Covington


Robert Covington has grown into a staunch defender, adding a perimeter defender such as himself could be extremely helpful for the Sixers. Imagine a defensive lineup of Simmons, Thybulle, Covington, Horford, and Embiid. The potential is incredible, that would be a defensive monster come playoff time.

Covington is in the midst of his fifth straight season averaging more than one and a half steals per game. A lengthy defender, Covington is able to work both in on-ball and off-ball situations. The old saying goes defense wins championships, Covington is the type of defender that helps teams win championships.


Offensively Covington is limited but efficient. He won’t take the defender off the dribble but he can knock down open shots and can make his free-throws when given the opportunity. The Sixers have a few different needs but one is painfully obvious, shooting. Any and all shooters are welcome and Elton Brand should be heavily motivated to find those shooters.

Covington is also familiar with the offense. He spent four and a half seasons with this team and the team is led by the same Head Coach. With that being said, the hopeful case is that Covington knows the offense and can integrate seamlessly. Covington has also played with a good number of the current players for the Sixers so they’d have a head start building chemistry.



Covington is a very solid player, your prototypical three-and-D type. He is a streaky shooter though, not a sniper. He can hit the three but as Sixers fans will remember he hits his fair share of cold spells. Covington is also is limited offensively outside of shooting. As I said, he won’t take a defender off the dribble meaning that he rarely creates his own offense. More shooters are welcome but the team needs more play-makers who can find their own shot.


The Timberwolves are currently asking for two first-round picks for Covington. That price is steep, too steep most likely for many NBA teams that could use Covington. The Houston Rockets would technically be able to make such a deal but there’s still the question if they would want to give up that much. If the Timberwolves are desperate enough, a trade with the Sixers may work out. If he does come to the team though it will cost plenty of assets, assets that may be better utilized elsewhere.

Final Word

After looking at both sides, a trade for Robert Covington could absolutely work in the Sixers’ favor but it all depends on price. Covington fits on this roster absolutely but he’s not worth two first-round picks. The Sixers aren’t loaded with assets to begin with. If they trade two first-round picks they’d be decimated.

An easier trade to stomach would be something such as this:

  • Philadelphia Receives – Robert Covington and Jordan Bell
  • Minnesota Receives – Mike Scott, Zhaire Smith, Trey Burke, Philadelphia’s 2022 1st round pick.

It’s still a lot to give up but Covington is talented and under contract, two things that should be very important for the Sixers. Jordan Bell is also an intriguing Big Man with bounce, not the headline, but not a throw-in either.

If you can think of any more reasons why the Sixers SHOULD or SHOULDN’T trade for Covington be sure to leave a comment. Either way this should be an interesting deadline.

Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports