PSN staff predictions: Super Bowl 54


It’s Super Bowl Sunday and while the Eagles may not be playing, we weren’t going to leave you without content! Here are our staff predictions for the jewel in the crown of the NFL season.

Nick Faria

This Super Bowl reminds me of the 1984 title between the 49ers and Dolphins. Dan Marino had gotten off to the best two-year run of any QB in history. Yet the Dolphins team was not better than San Fransisco and ended up getting whipped. Fast forward to 2020- the Chiefs do not have a better roster than the 49ers. San Fransisco has a balanced attack that KC just doesn’t. Mahomes is good enough to make it a game early, but I don’t see how the Chiefs can block the 49er pass rush OR stop the creative play designs. The score will not indicate how dominant the 49ers will be.

Prediction Score: SF 41-27 KC

Chris Infante

Imagine someone in your life that has meant so much to you for a long period of time. Someone you devoted your life to and had so many highs but also so many disappointments. You two move on. That person moves away and finds another relationship and has the same issues they had with you. You go through a REALLY BAD relationship but then find someone who finally gets you the ring you’ve been wanting. Now that first ex is on the verge of giving a ring to someone new. Do you really wish ill on that person? Or do you wish that person well because you’ve found your happiness, so they should too. It’s time for Andy Reid to get his ring. Shady too.

Prediction score: KC: 34-28 SF

Bryan Cameron

They say defense wins championships and in some cases, that’s very true…but then again sometimes it’s just a good defense vs an overhyped offense. In this particular case, the rules don’t apply. You have the innovative mind of Kyle Shanahan vs the more tenured innovation in Andy Reid. I mean, look all around the league, some of the most creative minds in football came up under the Andy Reid tree. Now Big Red is getting his second chance after 15 years, this time it’s with an offense that has the ability to rev it up at any point. While the 49ers have a stout defense, the zone defense may fail them against the speedy receivers of KC. Now I’m not saying this will be a blowout but I am saying that it’s possible that the more experienced coach, the more talented QB, and the better offense may just give the 49ers a run for the money.

Prediction score: KC 35-27 SF

Steve Beavon

I’d love nothing more than Andy Reid and Shady getting the rings they fully deserve, but I just don’t see it happening. SF’s defense is just simply too good and will shut down Mahomes and the Chiefs more than KC’s will on the SF’s offense. Jimmy G is a quality, underrated and under appreciated QB who can be trusted whenever he needs to throw. They have a scary running game in Coleman, Breida and Mostert, they’re just too good.

I also have to admit, and this will be more relatable to Madden players, I’ve had a Niners team on Ultimate this past year and it’s safe to say, I have a slight crush. It’s weird to think about it that way, how I’ve fallen for the Niners because of a game…but I’d love to see either of these teams win a ring, because they both deserve it for different reasons.

Prediction score: KC 17-35 SF

Liam Jenkins

The Niners defense is terrifying, but I don’t think they’ve faced an offense quite like this – one where the threat of misdirection will freeze even the savviest of veterans. The Chiefs defense is nowhere near the level of the Niners, but after shaky starts in each of their last playoff games, they shut down the most dominant running back in the league and the entire Houston offense, at least inspiring hope.

If it comes down to a shootout, I’m taking the better QB every single time…and that man is Patrick Mahomes.

Score prediction KC 34–31 SF

Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports