Eagles can’t afford to waste the prime years of Carson Wentz

The upcoming Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Niners will highlight two teams who suffered setbacks in the previous season due to their missing ingredients.

For Andy Reid and the Chiefs, it was a franchise QB with the potential to be an elite quarterback for the next decade or so. They found that in Last year’s MVP, Pat Mahomes.

As for the 49ers, it was the opposite in terms of what they needed. Sure, Jimmy Garappolo plays the part that the 49ers need him to play, but it’s the rookie on the other side of the ball that has sparked this dominant run in Nick Bosa. Now while the Eagles have their fair share of talent, the 49ers and Chiefs proved to be what they Eagles thought they would be at this point. A complete football team.

Both teams are infused with great young talent that compliments one another. The wideouts for the Chiefs are a huge compliment to the arm of Pat Mahomes. What do you get a QB that could throw as hard and as far as he can? Speedy receivers. On the other side of the ball, they built a stud defensive line highlighted by Bosa and Ford, but how about giving them a leader in the secondary that could help maximize the talent of the team’s young corners?

It seems as if the Eagles front office had their hands on the wrong recipe after 2017. Mix that with the number of injuries that have piled up on this team and you have a scary sight of the future opposed to the Super Bowl window that Roseman is appropriately obsessed with.

Now I’m not saying that the Eagles can’t be contenders unless they rebuild. I refuse to think that they will have to go that far, but the team has some serious retooling to do. It’s going to take some tough decisions mixed with some wishful thinking. This offseason will define the Roseman era for years to come.

They made it to the Playoffs on one leg. It was purely the hunger of Wentz, the brilliance of Pederson, and the urgency of the underdogs. Wentz stepped up in a new way during 2029, hammering his fist onto his chest and commanding respect from both teammates and opponents. There is no questioning that this is the right guy to lead the team for the next five seasons, but as he enters his prime years, the Eagles are entering very familiar territory.

This team isn’t even the most talented in the NFC East, let’s have an honest moment right now.

On paper, the Cowboys are by far the better team but on the field, the Eagles were that much hungrier. They took a roster that had limited potential outside of Wentz, East, Scott, Ertz, Goedert, Cox, Graham, and Jenkins and made them NFC East champions. Imagine if Wentz has what Mahomes has in his wideouts or what Jimmy Garappolo has in his defense. It’s easy to think that things would be better.

This may be the offseason that Howie was dreading the most. Unfortunately for him, it already started due to the Alshon Jeffery contract. Now the Eagles may be stuck with a receiver that’s viewed as toxic by the media…because of the media. Wild isn’t it?

The upcoming draft is filled with unique WR talent, but could the one that the Birds have their eyes on be gone by pick 21? Could Howie actually fumble this draft and send the Eagles down the rabbit hole while they waste the prime years of Carson Wentz?

You want to believe that nothing like that can happen because it’s Howie. Once the season ends everyone knows what time it is, “Howie SZN!”He brought back DeSean Jackson last offseason, but the glory of that move lasted only one week due to injury, although it may pay dividends next season. He signed Malik Jackson to a big contract that was quite possibly an underrated move. But what’s left to do for the man who’s “done it all”?

There’s only one way to find out but the importance of this offseason has just hit a new level in South Philly. It may just be a do or die moment for Roseman. If the Eagles can’t keep up with the rest of the NFL and build around their franchise QB, then we may see a repeat issue that’s lingered since Donovan Mcnabb was the franchise QB.

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