Report: Jadeveon Clowney will not be fined for illegal hit on Carson Wentz


It’s not exactly the nicest thing to read on a Friday evening. According to NFL Insider Tom Pelissero, the NFL has opted against fining Texans DE Jadeveon Clowney.

Why would the NFL need to fine Clowney? In case you (somehow) missed it, here’s a gut-wrenching reminder:

This was the terrifying hit that not only went unpenalized during the game, but forced Carson Wentz out of it. The severity of the concussion sustained by the Eagles quarterback worryingly speaks for itself, with reports stating that Wentz was unable to recall who the team were playing, or who they’d beaten in recent weeks.

I’m shocked that the NFL, a league so intent on preventing head injuries, somehow deemed this a hit unworthy of punishment. Luckily, Carson Wentz seems to be okay and was at his locker the day after the playoff defeat.

The more things change in the NFL, the more they stay the same.

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports