Report: Browns request to interview Jim Schwartz for vacated HC role


The Cleveland Browns have started their search for a new GM and Head Coach and it did not take them long to reach the City of Brotherly Love. According to Tom Pelissero, Cleveland has requested to interview Eagles defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz has been with the Eagles since 2016 and love him, or hate him, he’s built an elite run defense that has given up a lot of woes and heartbreak on the back end as a result. Some want Schwartz out of Philadelphia, while others love the grit and nastiness his group brings to the table, arguing that it’s a lack of talent and a substantial amount of injuries that have held this group back.

There’s no doubt that Cleveland is an appealing job. If we’re talking defense, Myles Garrett, Greedy Williams, Mack Wilson, and Denzel Ward are all bonafide stars under the age of 25. On offense, a large unknown at quarterback and a very strong group of skill position players.

It will be very interesting to see how the Eagles handle this. If they do let him go, there’s a good chance his recently-signed assistant Matt Burke would become the interim, meaning nothing really changes schematically…

If it’s a fresh page the Eagles want, this may be their way out. But if they still believe in the tenacity and grit of the wide-nine scheme, it’s time to go all-in and draft some day-one talent that doesn’t play defensive line.

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports