Josh McCown is proving to be the Eagles’ most underrated signing of 2019


Win or lose Sunday night, the Eagles current backup QB Josh McCown has earned himself a spot with the team next season. Now whether that’s as a player or a coach, is up to him.

The 40-year-old veteran has been a huge difference-maker for the team this season. McCown has personally made sure to lift the burden off of Wentz’s shoulders as of late. He assisted Robert Davis and Deontay Burnett in understanding the playbook in such a short time after their call-ups from the practice squad.

He’s also been a huge factor in the development of Greg Ward’s game. Things like this are unheard of in the NFL but let’s be honest, most situations that occur with Eagles aren’t common in the NFL.

McCown is going be apart of a playoff run for the second time in his career so the excitement just continues to grow, behind the scenes Josh seems to be working as if he was the assistant coach.

Davis commented on what McCown’s impact has been by saying, “He helps us tremendously,” Davis states, “One thing about being a young player in this league, and being a young player who has bounced around, seeing stuff like that just fuels you and helps you build confidence in what you’re doing out there. It lets you know that you’ve got people in your corner that support you. That’s always a big thing to have support from your teammates, especially one that’s been around for as long as he has.”

It’s even been reported that McCown was behind the Eagles signing of Deontay Burnett, due to a relationship they built during their time with the Jets. McCown knew Burnett’s personality, his work-ethic, and more importantly, his game. The former UDFA came in and had the biggest catch of his career against the Giants.

He’s even given the Eagles front office the recommendation to sign Robby Anderson in the offseason, stating that Wentz will really “break out” ifthe Eagles signed him.

Could the Eagles really afford to let McCown go after this season? There isn’t much help out there in regards to a backup QB but McCown’s insight may be more valuable than that. Josh has taken the responsibility of Eagles QB coach Press Taylor and WR Coach Carson Walch and made it his own.

In the game against the Giants, Wentz ran out of the pocket towards his right and threw a rocket to the opposite side of the field where Josh Perkins caught a huge touchdown. If you listen to the audio from the sidelines after that play, Doug Pederson celebrates with Josh McCown and yells, “You had it right!”, as if McCown called the play. Then, in that same game, he darts onto the field to gas up Cre’Von LeBlanc after he makes a huge 4th down tackle on Saquon Barkley.

McCown’s influence isn’t just exactly what the Eagles needed this season, it also may be what they’re missing in the coaching staff. As many continue to wonder how this playoff run will affect the staff, one thing is for certain; Josh McCown is a keeper, player-coaches like that are one in a dozen especially when they can help your franchise QB reach his full potential.

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports