Flyers New Year Resolutions


Going to the gym more. Eating healthier. Being nicer to the guy in the office who smells bad. Everyone has a New Year’s resolution that they want to stick to. We all know they go out the window about six weeks into the year, but that’s beside the point.

This year, us here at Philly Sports Network have a couple resolutions for your Philadelphia Flyers. A few of us jotted down some things we want the Flyers to work on from here on out. Check out PSN’s New Year’s resolutions for the Flyers.

Ricky Amandeo

This new year, the Flyers need to focus on one thing and one thing only:

Win on the road.

This season, the Flyers, and Carter Hart, and killing it at home. They are out scoring opponents 72-37 at Wells Fargo Center, while outshooting their opposer 644-535. Carter Hart has been stellar in South Philly as well, going 11-1-2 with a .947 save percentage and a 1.49 GAA. All of these stats are en route to their 13-2-4 record in Philadelphia.

On the contrary, these stats go polar opposite directions on the road. Their 9-10-1 record overshadows their struggles on the West Coast. Carter Harts stats go to 2-7-1 with a .851 save percentage and a 3.85 GAA. 

Considering the competitiveness of the East, the Flyers will need to also win on the road. Those road wins could make the difference between second or third place in the Metro compared to slipping in as the second Wild Card. 

Matt Stinger

Happy new year everybody. I hope 2020 treats everybody well. As for my personal Philly Sports resolution I plan on bringing a more positive vibe to being a fan and a writer. Now that being said it’s Philly and negative so good luck to me haha Now onto the Flyers.

As for this coming year I want the Flyers to do two things:  First on a game basis I need them to do a better job of clearing the puck and limit the turnovers from their defensive zone. I feel that they have been improving in this area for the last few months, however as we saw Sunday, the Ducks has too much sustained pressure in their zone. Now they have been keeping the opponents to the outside which is key, but I personally want to see better transitions into offense. This will continues to improve under. Alain Vigneault.

Second, they need to make the Playoffs and give Carter Hart experience of playoff hockey. And with Hart playing exceptionally well at home he can easily steal a series or two. Let’s go Flyers.

Eric Reese

In 2020, I’m putting all my trust in Alain Vigneault and the team we currently have. My resolution isn’t specifically for the Flyers team. My resolution is that us, as a fanbase, aren’t as cynical. This is a team on the rise for seasons to come. We just got to give the same energy back.

Now, for the Philadelphia Flyers, a resolution would be to win on the road more often. When you’re one of the best teams at home in the NHL, that needs to be matched on the road. The Flyers are built on grit. Road wins make champions. To be a contender, the Flyers have to tighten up on the road to contend with the elite NHL.

Derrik Bobb

My New Year’s resolution for the Flyers is an easy one.

Take it easy.

This can be for fans, or the team. The Flyers are a good hockey team right now. They stand at 22-12-5 and are fourth in the Metropolitan division. Are they a team where we expect a Stanley Cup this year? Probably not. Are they close? Much closer than they were last year.

My advice for Chuck Fletcher? Don’t make moves according to the rest of the top-tier contenders. Keep the long term in mind, knowing this may not be the year, but next year may.

My advice for fans? Understand that if we aren’t Stanley Cup favorites, it isn’t the end of the world. Our time will come, and it will be as glorious as advertised. Until then, take it easy and enjoy the little victories. It’ll all come together at the right time.

Happy New Year!

From all of us with the Flyers team at PSN, we want to wish you all a happy and safe New Year! Make 2020 your best year yet!

Mandatory Credit – Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports