Five myths Eagles QB Carson Wentz has debunked in 2019


It’s been a wild year for the Philadelphia Eagles and especially their quarterback, Carson Wentz. But through all the ups and downs, Wentz has faced more criticism than most in 2019. The good news is, he’s silenced a lot of people over the last few months.

‘Carson Wentz isn’t clutch’

This has been a criticism of Wentz for a long time now, but the face of the franchise now has 6 fourth-quarter comebacks to his name but more impressively than any stat can quantify, has brought this offense back from the brink of destruction for the entirety of the last month.

Wentz has dragged the remains of the Eagles offense back into games against Washington and New York, before going our and silencing the Cowboys one week later, and making some astonishing throws against the Giants in a ‘must-win’ spot.

We’ve learned more about Carson Wentz and his icy veins in the last month than we have in the last three years. His ability to put the team on his back and lead an arsenal of practice squad promotees into space to drop a pass in the bucket is just outstanding.

After the loss to Miami, this team was dead in the water. It was this quarterback who picked up the slack and did everything he could in the biggest moment to overcome an injury crisis, a leaky defense, and the weight of the world.


‘Carson Wentz can’t stay healthy’

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Carson Wentz has started and finished every single game this season. Every. Single. One.

Sure, he picked up an injury last year, but I do genuinely believe that it was related to the ACL recovery. Wentz was reluctant to put weight on that knee and had to over-compensate with upper-body torque, likely contributing to the back injury he suffered. But in 2019? He’s healthier than ever.

‘Carson Wentz isn’t elite’

Wentz became the first Eagles quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a single season on Sunday. He also became the first quarterback in NFL history to achieve that feat without the help of a wide receiver who amassed 500 yards.

Wentz ends his 2019 campaign with 27 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and a lot of drops. It’s crazy he’s achieved everything he has while throwing to receivers that fans outside of the Philadelphia die-hards would struggle to recognize. Say anything you want about Carson Wentz, but he was given a huge contract this year, and he’s proving to be worth every single penny.

‘The team kept the wrong quarterback’

Well, Nick Foles was benched for Gardner Minshew and Carson Wentz made the playoffs with a team of practice squad players. That…kind of says it all.

‘The Eagles still love Nick Foles’

Anonymous sources, Orlando Scandrick, shocking cuts, the Eagles have dealt with it all this year, but one sentiment has forever haunted Carson Wentz…at least until recently.

The Eagles will never forget what Nick Foles did for them. But Wentz has had his character ripped into, his leadership anonymously slandered, and watched as reports of players complaining continued to pile up. But then, something happened.

A new energy captured the locker room and with the season dead in the water, Wentz rose up, took charge, and made everyone believe. He made fans believe. Teammates believe. This is the team of Carson Wentz. It’s no longer suffering a Super Bowl hangover or reminiscing about the glory days, but with the help of Wentz, they’re going to sustain those glory days as the new-norm.

There’s no debate anymore. No logical reasoning. Wentz has proven everything he’s needed to this year.

Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports