State of the NFC East: Can the Eagles wrap up the NFC East title?


Well, its been a rollercoaster of a season but it finally comes down to this. Week 17. Redskins vs Cowboys, Eagles vs Giants. Who would’ve thought that the Eagles and Cowboys would both be in the position they are? Cowboys started the season red hot, going 3-0. Of course, it was due to their matchups against the Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins but who’s judging?! Ok, maybe I am. More than a little bit.

The Eagles started the season the same way they ended the last two, with injuries. It was another injury-plagued season and it seems like no one has an answer as to why. Has anyone noticed Jordan Hicks playing lights out in Arizona? Nonetheless, they still battled enough to find themselves in this current position.

The Eagles currently hold the lead for the division over the cowboys due to a 17-9 over Dallas last Sunday. Wentz has found his magic while Doug Pederson has discovered Miles Sanders, Greg Ward JR, and Boston Scott.

The current standings look like this:

1. Eagles 8-7

2. Cowboys 7-8

3. Giants 4-11

4. Redskins 3-12

A tight race isn’t it? Fortunately, week 17 will end the misery of the NFC East and one team will take the crown, but who will it be?

The Cowboys will take on Case Keenum and the Redskins in hopes to make the playoffs. While the Eagles will face the Giants with the NFC East title on the line. If the Eagles win and the Cowboys lose, they’re in but if the Eagles lose and Cowboys win, the Cowboys will be in. If they both lose or tie then the Eagles are in.

Doug Pederson has preached all season long about how the team controls their own destiny. The irony of that statement is that it is finally true. Wentz and company will control who represents the NFC East in the playoffs.

Unfortunately for both the Cowboys and Eagles, the other two teams in the division will love to spoil the celebration for both teams. This won’t be an easy task. The Cowboys are dealing with an injured Dak Prescott, an unmotivated Ezekiel Elliot and a confused Amari Cooper. While the Eagles may be without Zach Ertz and will be facing Daniel Jones for the first time. Last time the Eagles faced an NFC East rookie QB, they would’ve lost if it wasn’t for the heroics of Greg Ward Jr.

So here we go, folks! Who wants it more?! The Eagles or the Cowboys!?

Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports