Behind the Mic with Amber Theoharis of Westwood One Sports

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There are certain sporting events that everyone lists as a Bucket list event, and the Army vs Navy, game at Lincoln Financial Field is always one of them.

For the second edition fo Behind the Mic, we will be featuring Amber Theoharis, who is an Emmy award-winning host & Reporter. She covered the incredible event for Westwood One Radio.

What was your reaction when you got as to be part of the Westwood One broadcast team for the Army-Navy game

Amber: I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I’ve covered 7 Super Bowls and all were amazing experiences, but the tradition and the pageantry of Army/Navy was always something that I hoped I get to do because the game gave me chills just watching on TV.

I have a feeling it will be one of those moments in my life where I look back and say wow, how lucky was I to witness that? It’s a bucket list item for sure. I grew up in MD and as an adult lived in Annapolis where the midshipmen would run past our house daily. I have the utmost gratitude and respect for the young men and women who sacrifice for our freedom.

Do you have a favorite game or moment in Philadelphia that sticks out

Amber: I covered the 2017 NFC Divisional Round matchup between the Falcons & Eagles. The Eagles were the 6th seed and I was out anchoring an NFL Network set for Gameday morning with Steve Smith Sr and a Fan (unbeknownst to me), who over the course of our show shotgunned 4 or 5 beers! When my producer told me what was happening I just thought “God Bless Philly”.

What makes the Army-Navy game so unique compared to other sporting events

Amber: The Pride of the two Branches. NFL Players will change allegiances during free agency or get traded, very few are on one team for life. When you are a member of our armed forces you are part of that team until the day you die. It’s part of your identity. I get choked up when I still see veterans in their military caps. I’m in awe of their allegiance and I can’t help but think of the fact that they were the ultimate teammate serving on the ultimate team THE US MILITARY.

What are some of the storylines that you’ll be focusing on the game?

Amber: I really want to paint a picture of the uniforms and the deep meaning behind them, Who the First Cavalry division was. Why Roger Staubach serving in Vietnam after winning the Heisman was so honorable. I was to do justice to the naval patches and tell the stories of the missions and the memorials each stand for. I just want our listeners to understand the sacrifice behind this one football game.

How long does the preparation take for an event like Army Navy?

Amber: Weeks, especially because I mainly focus on the NFL. I haven’t covered one Army or Navy game this year. But as much as I have storylines covering the X’S and O’S. I think this game more than others it really is my job to tell the stories of the players, their background, what their futures hold. Most of my research and interviews have surrounded those topics because I want to get them right. Its important.

What advice would you offer to to those who want to get into the industry and be a sideline reporter?

Amber: Well I don’t do many sidelines anymore, but just the industry in general? My biggest advice is to make connections with anyone you can in the business, pick their brains, offer to be an intern, work hard, study, offer to do what others won’t, say yes to everything and don’t crumble at the word no. Just pivot and when everything else fails keep the faith, pray, have a drink, call the one person who’s always believed in you and wake up the next morning knowing if this is what you truly want to do if you can’t see yourself being happy doing anything else, you will find success.

You can follow Amber on Twitter at AmberTheoharis.