Who are the Eagles most reliable players as the season winds down?


There is no getting around it: The Eagles are a poorly coached team with a serious lack of explosiveness, poorly disciplined defense, and lack of identity on both sides of the ball.

Every week there are players intensively battling to be more disappointing than the other, but who are the ones you can really rely on?

Jake Elliot, Rick Lovato, and Cameron Johnston

Arguably the most consistent group of the team. Jake and Rick, who both are playing at a consistently high level, both earned long-term contract extensions this season.

Cameron Johnston might be the MVP for the Eagles this season. Putting opposing offenses in a bad field position consistently is tough, considering the Eagles offense moves the ball as inefficiently as offenses come. Regularly punting from your own 20-yard line is not a great thing, but Cam makes up for it with consistent “boomers”.

Brandon Brooks

Not only did he shatter the history of recoveries for torn Achilles injuries, but he might also be the best offensive lineman in football this year. At least per PFF, he grades miles ahead of every other OL in the NFL.

Although he gave up his first and only sack of the 2019 season against the Dolphins, where the entire Eagles team showed their true “new norm”, he remains among the most reliable players on the team.

Miles Sanders

Despite averaging almost 6 yards per touch, which is 2nd of all RBs in the NFL, Sanders has yet to eclipse 20 rushing attempts in a game. Coaching, right?

Sanders is the most explosive and reliable skill position player on the Eagles team. It’s great for Sanders, but terrifying for the team that a rookie is the best they have. He leads the team in 20+ yards plays by far and is settling in the NFL smoothly.

Jason Kelce

The best center in football in 2017 and 2018 has taken a slight dip in his play this year but still remains among the top 3 centers in the league.

The 32 year-old man in the middle, who recently signed a 3-year extension in the offseason and became a father, has given up only 1 sack this season. He is as consistent as Centers come, still excelling in blocking in open space and calling out the defense.

Fletcher Cox

Think you haven’t heard Cox’ name a lot this year? While having a quiet 4 sacks, Cox is 2nd in the league in total QB pressures (48), and grades as PFF’s 2nd best pass-rushing interior defensive lineman, 3rd overall.

Cox has been playing at the highest of levels along with Aaron Donald at the DT position, and on a flawed defense with inconsistent pressure off the edge, LBs that can’t tackle, and a secondary that invites explosive plays, he remains the most reliable on the team.

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports