To the City of Brotherly Love: The Sixers thank you


“The fans will never come back,” they said.

“The process will ruin the franchise forever,” they said.

Philadelphia fans pride themselves in their passion and dedication and sought to prove those haters wrong. Well, Philadelphia, you have done just that.

Sixers: Home, Sweet Home

As we reflect on the fifth season since “the Process,” the Philadelphia 76ers are a good basketball team. They currently are undefeated (10-0) at home, and have a 70-21 record at Wells Fargo Center dating back to the start of the 2017 season.

The best part of this incredible home record since “the Process” ended, is that fans want to witness the Sixers play in person. Fans are filling in seats faster than the ticket office can keep up with, and people are even willing to stand during the game. The 101.7% of maximum capacity the Sixers showcase proves all seats are filled, and then some.

Since 2017, the Sixers top the league, and average over 20,000 fans per game in attendance at home. It’s also no secret that Philadelphia fans travel well also, which results in the team having a top-four overall fan average per game. Including road games, the Sixers have support during every game of the season.

Fans: Home, Sweet Home

Not only are the Sixers gaining fans physically in attendance game in and game out, but fans are flooding views. According to NBCSports Philadelphia:

Through 20 games on NBC Sports Philadelphia, the Philadelphia 76ers season is currently on-pace to be the highest-rated season ever on NBC Sports Philadelphia (data back to 2008-09 season).

Along with this, the pregame and postgame live shows are also topping record numbers. Compared to last season, these shows are up almost 50% on average.

Ben Simmons

After a big home win against the Indiana Pacers, Ben Simmons acknowledged the team’s desire to win in Philly, in a unique way.

Whether he meant it the way he said it or not, Simmons knows how tough Philly fans are. All they want is for their teams to win, and at the least, play hard.

Philadelphia fans define passion, and the Sixers are rewarding their dedication. People want to watch the Sixers play. Their games bring entertainment, whether one is watching in person or through TV. Despite whatever any TV personalities who hated the tanking idea say, Sixers fans did come back.

In fact, most never left.

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports