Seven reasons why Eagles fans should be thankful this thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Philly Sports Network. We hope you have an amazing day filled with love and joy, but in case you’re still itching for Eagles content, here are seven reasons why Eagles fans should be thankful.

Carson Wentz

Okay, so he may have had a few wobbly games this season, with the wobbliest being the most recent, but the Eagles have committed to Carson Wentz long-term now. After signing a huge four-year contract extension, it’s safe to say the Eagles finally have their guy…not that it was ever really up for debate before.

Wentz is a remarkable talent and while he may have his downfalls, so does every quarterback. This season will reflect poorly on him, but everything else surrounding the face of the franchise has disintegrated and not once has he passed the buck or thrown underperforming teammates under the bus.

Forget the stats (which are still impressive by any means), Carson Wentz is among the most humble quarterbacks in the league and for the next five years, the Eagles have a player with elite potential that they can build around and keep the Super Bowl window open.

If that’s not a reason to be thankful, just go and watch Mitchell Trubisky’s season highlights and come back to this post.

Doug Pederson

The man who brought the Eagles their first Super Bowl, Pederson is also a reason why Eagles fans should be thankful. The last time the Birds’ endured this much in-season noise was during the tumultuous end of the Chip Kelly era.

Undisputed appearances from recently-cut players, anonymous sources and an entire free agency class that dissipated in front of our very eyes, this isn’t even taking into account the heartbreaking losses and injury struggles.

The wheels could’ve fallen off the Wagon a long time ago, and arguably should have…but they haven’t. A lot of that is thanks to Pederson’s emotional intelligence and an ability to galvanize the locker room during times of adversity.

Pederson has led the Eagles out of deep holes over and over again since his arrival as Head Coach. He may not be the most notable Head Coach in the league, but going toe-to-toe with Belichick, staying creative on offense, and pushing his team in the right direction, regardless of what is said about him or his team, is a real reason for fans to be thankful. Pederson isn’t just a Head Coach, he’s a leader and like a Father to those players. A man who tells them to ‘let their personalities show’. A sentiment we can all get behind.

Brandon Brooks

Not only is Brooks one of the best players at his position in the entire NFL, not only has he recovered quicker than anyone expected from a torn Achilles as a 335 lbs, man, but has been so open about his battle with anxiety, it’s beyond inspiring.

Mental health impacts us all, even a warrior like Brooks, whose anxiety forced him out of last week’s loss to Seattle. Brooks openly stated the reasons that kept him sidelined and apologized for letting his teammates down.

He let nobody down. Nobody at all.

Fresh off signing a huge contract extension, Brooks continues to help anyone that struggles with anxiety, depression, and any other mental health battle, that it’s okay to talk about.

In a room of 53-men that play a sport where it’s all about being as mean and tough as possible, being so open about that struggle can’t be easy. But it’s a dialogue that needs to happen for a variety of reasons and the Eagles are lucky to have a player so vocal about his journey, and someone who is inspiring a generation to be more vocal about their own and continue that fight.

Hey, don’t forget about us!

Malcolm Jenkins, Zach Ertz, Brandon Graham, and Lane Johnson. All four of these players have been playing fine football this season and were cornerstones of the new era that started in 2016. Vocal leaders who can help keep that locker room galvanized and pushing in the right direction, all of them have had impressive moments this year and continue to lead by example. Stars you can rely on to make a play every single week, let’s not forget just how important they are!

The Dallas Cowboys

For somehow squandering enough opportunities to keep the Eagles within reaching distance of the NFC East crown and a playoff berth. Thanks for that. It’s massively appreciated.

Super Bowl 52

Need I say more? I’m sure everyone has a significant memory of that night. Maybe it’s the ‘Philly Special’, the celebrations that followed, or the company who you shared that special night with. It’s a moment that can never be taken away, no matter what happens from this day forward…and that is something to cherish.

Each other

Give yourselves some credit. You guys are truly the best fans in the NFL. Philadelphia gets a bad reputation for being hostile, aggressive, and rude. But it’s a family. If someone falls down and they’re wearing Eagles green, legions of fans pick them up, and I mean that in both literal and metaphorical senses.

From my perspective, as someone living in the UK who is now able to cover the Birds full-time and interact with you all daily, I couldn’t be more thankful. Your support, your knowledge, your passion, it drives us to be better.

The community that we have is so special and it’s one that few other sporting teams will ever know the luxury of. Being able to look at someone you’ve never met who’s wearing an Eagles jersey and say ‘go birds’ and instantly strike a conversation? That’s rare…and it’s what makes Philadelphia the greatest sporting city in America.

Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports