Why Sixers’ Mike Scott may be the most “Philly” guy of our generation



The greatest city on Earth has one word that can truly encompass the true meaning of it.

That word is passion.

Philadelphia fans are the most passionate fans on the planet. Ask anyone outside the fan base. They may say they hate them; they may say they think they’re “trash.” In the wise words of Jason Kelce, “no one likes us, we don’t care.”

But one thing everyone can agree on is that Philly fans define this passion.

Since Philadelphia became an official “sport’s city” after adding the Flyers in 1967, there’s been an abundance of talent. Talent is great and plays a crucial role in winning championships obviously. However, there is a difference between being an athlete playing in Philadelphia, and being a Philly athlete.

Mike Scott: THE modern Philly athlete

Let’s be clear here, there is plenty of guys in the history of Philadelphia sports that have defined what it means to play in Philly. These guys all shared similar characteristics:

  • Passion, obviously
  • Puts everything onto the field/ice/court
  • Loves the fans, as much as the fans love them

However, what is unique about Scott is he is not “homegrown” talent. He was acquired by trade and naturally defines Philadelphia.

There have been plenty of guys throughout Philly history that fit these criteria. The likings of Bobby Clarke, Brian Dawkins, Mike Schmidt, Chase Utley, Allen Iverson, and MANY more steal the hearts of fans. Each athlete went out each game and showed his desire to play. Their talent was phenomenal, yet their dynamic and “Philly tough” mentality created a charm that creates memories among the entire city.

Mike Scott is this generation most Philly athlete. Since being considered an “extra piece” in the Tobias Harris blockbuster trade, the “threegional manager” has been the biggest fan favorite in quite some time.

Since joining the team, Scott’s veteran impact goes beyond his 40% three-point shooting. He has singlehandedly been the most fan-friendly athlete this city has seen in a while.

Accomplishing this title was simple for Scott, as he fits the mold of what it means to be a Philly athlete perfectly. His natural personality showcases that he was made to play in the City of Brotherly Love.

His humble persona was further exemplified in NBCsports’ “Headstrong” series. Many fans do not know this about Scott, but his positive attitude hides his occasional troubles with mental health. Yes, Mike Scott is human too, which makes him even more beloved.

On a more fun note, last season, he sipped out of a fan’s drink after falling into the Buck’s crowd. We also saw him hype up plenty of fights, with more recently the Joel Emiid, Karl Anthony Town’s saga. The memes of this guy are countless.

Thus, the #MikeScottHive was created.

Off the court is where Scott really gets the job done too. He makes himself available on Twitter, where he often responds to fans. He lives as a normal human being, as he is so down to earth despite his fighting mentality.

This past weekend, Scott showcased his will to give back to the fans. After the #MikeScottHive organized a tailgate in his honor before Saturday’s big game against the Heat, Scott made sure to express his gratitude.

The 6’7 forward made it a point to attend the get-together.

How much better does it get than this? Mike Scott drinking with fans at an event named after him.

Philadelphia is truly the greatest city on Earth, and Mike Scott embodies what it means to be a genuine Philly athlete.

Sure, Sixers’ fans love guys like Joel Embiid too, don’t get me wrong. However, for a guy who was not Philly homegrown, Scott tops the cake.

Mike Scott is a Philadelphia treasure and will be a Philly legend forever.

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports