James Ennis is becoming the Sixers’ most consistent player

NBA: Preseason-Philadelphia 76ers at Orlando Magic
Oct 13, 2019; Orlando, FL, USA; Philadelphia 76ers forward James Ennis III (11) talks with head coach Brett Brown against the Orlando Magic during the second quarter at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As the first month of the NBA season comes to a close, a surprise member of the 76ers is staking claim over the title “most consistent”.

In terms of being consistent, there is one player that will definitely not come to the minds of most people. On a roster filled with talented individuals, such as Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Al Horford, it could be almost impossible to find reliability in one such player.

However, one player is a hidden gem on the Sixers’ bench so far this season.

James Ennis

Now I know what you’re thinking, “James Ennis?”

Yes, James Ennis.

James Ennis III inked himself to a two-year contract to remain with the Sixers this past July. The deal was worth $4.1 million, which is proving to be worth every penny.

Despite making the comment that the Sixers will “walk to the finals” back in July, Ennis has been more than helpful for the team. Consistency can be showcased through reliability, consistent work ethic, and consistent performance.

Ennis has appeared in all 14 games the Sixers have played so far this season. The only other players who can claim this accolade are Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson, who each have had obvious drops in performance for game spans.

Check off Reliability

Just by watching the games, the eye test proves that he brings a spark each time he is on the floor. His energy lights a flame under each player on the floor as well. Simply paying attention to him will prove this to you. However, the stats prove it too.

Statistically, the team averages a +23.3 point differential with him on the floor (per lineups that have played a least ten minutes together with him).

Check off Energy and Work Ethic

For himself, before going into Wednesday’s clash with the Knicks, Ennis has collected a stat line of 6.5 points, 0.5 assists, and 3.8 rebounds in 15.5 minutes on average a night. This would bring his per 36-minute numbers to 15.1/1.2/8.7 on average. Not too bad for a role player.

Night in and night out, Ennis is providing much-needed energy off the bench. Coach Brett Brown knows that and has given Ennis the opportunity to play in big moments. He helped to close out the tight win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. With time beginning to dwindle, he made a two-point jam to put the Sixers up 91-88.

Check off Consistent Performance

Disagree with the “most consistent” 76er take, but there is no discrepancy against his value to the Sixers’ bench so far. Joel Embiid has been suspended, Simmons hurt, Tobias went 0-23 from three at one point. Josh Richardson would be the most consistent starter, but Ennis has made his case to be the most consistent player.

Let’s hope our starters can ramp up production and take this role over while the season is still young. But for now, James Ennis III earned his way to this title.

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports