It’s time for the Eagles offense to embrace change once again


The one constant with this team for the past two seasons has been the Eagles’ inability to change their ways. It’s evident now that Frank Reich and John DeFilippo had a heavy influence on the 2017 Super Bowl team.

In that season, after Wentz went down, the offense struggled at first with Nick Foles at the helm. This led to a concern of how far this team can really go. To counter this, Doug Pederson did something that he hasn’t done since –  he simplified the offense to fit Nick Foles.

Now, after a tough loss to the Patriots, the offense is once again the Achilles heel of the team. While the defense is finally healthy and getting back to its best after Schwartz finally made some adjustments, the offense needs a shakeup. Receiving production has been abysmal outside of week one and there’s no real reason to believe that will change anytime soon.

Pederson alluded to some self-reflection from both him and Carson Wentz. after Sunday’s loss.

“I think maybe as the game progressed, we all maybe felt like there was a little bit of a “pressing” going on.” Pederson explained. “We were trying to make “that” play against that great defense, and you really don’t have to do that. Just let things unfold. I can do a better job as far as maybe being a little more patient in the run game and helping him out that way and that’s a takeaway that obviously each week I look at for myself.”

“And I keep going back to — and it’s not about one guy, as you know, it takes eleven on offense. So we have to do better up front in protection, obviously, the backs have to do a better job there as well and then our skill guys have to get open. So there is a combination of a lot of things that we can all take away from this game.”

With DeSean Jackson likely out for the season, the offense looks like the slowest group of receivers to ever play in an NFL game. Agholor’s quickness is unbalanced due to his inability to track and catch the ball. After him, the best deep threat on the field is rookie running back, Miles Sanders.

This group needs an injection. Is it wrong for me to believe that a great coach can find water in the desert? Is that not what Pederson has done two years in a row?

Pederson adapted to the playing style of Nick Foles and what would work for him, hence the rebirth of the RPO’s in Philly, but it seems as if Pederson has struggled to find his groove with Carson Wentz.

Since the departure of Reich and DeFilippo, the offense hasn’t been ranked in the top 10. In 2017, the offense ranked 3rd in points and 7th in yards. Last season, they ranked 18th in points and 14th in yards. Currently, they’re at the same pace they were on in 2018 and it’s not satisfactory. While they’re ranked 14th in points, their unfortunately 23rd in yards which defines the lack of support Wentz and Pederson are getting game in and game out.

Take the Ravens offense for example. Currently, the Ravens receivers have, excluding TE’s and RB’s, 1,022 receiving yards while the Eagles receivers have 1,008 receiving yards. Not a crazy difference right? Except for the fact that the Ravens are 8-2 while the Eagles are 5-5. The point? One team is finding ways to win while the other is letting their missing pieces impact their current ability.

This team is slow, that’s a fact ,but it doesn’t explain why the offense has moved away from using Sanders in the receiving game. It doesn’t explain why Hollins has played twice as many snaps as rookie Arcega-Whiteside. Nor does it explain why Scott looked like the lead back on the field at times on Sunday. The coaching staff seems to be content with staying put with this current roster. Why? No one will ever know.

With the team being 5-5, changes have to be made if they’re thinking of making a run to the playoffs. Changes mean making personnel moves to fit your QB’s playing style. The Eagles didn’t draft Wentz to just have him in a group that doesn’t fit him. They didn’t extend him this offseason just to run an offense that can be so easily exploited.

The Eagles are not adapting. Wentz is struggling and the receivers are borderline non-existent. Maybe the same trust issues that Wentz has with his receivers, is what Doug has with his offensive coaching staff. Do you disagree? if so, then explain why the Eagles haven’t brought in a single speedster for a workout? Tell me why the team has been reluctant in drafting a young deep threat to grow and replace DeSean Jackson. I’ll wait.

Either way, we know that Doug Pederson can mold the offense around a quarterback to mask the deficiencies elsewhere. He simply has to do that again with Seattle coming to town.