Can Eagles ignite a surge for divisional supremacy? State of the NFC East: Week 11


Week 11 is here and for Eagles fans, it means there’s a huge Super Bowl 52 rematch. This one should be entertaining for many reasons.

The division is down to two teams who are currently tied, but don’t forget that Dallas, for the moment, owns the tiebreaker! They’ll look to find a way to rebound against the Stafford-less Lions. The Giants and Redskins continue to spiral out of contention, but one team is showing some big potential for the future while the other needs to figure their future out.

Philadelphia Eagles

2019 Record: 5-4

2019 RANKS:

• Offense: 13th

• Defense: 19th

• Passing offense: 21st

• Rushing offense: 11th

Week 11 vs New England Patriots @ 4:25pm ET

The Eagles entered the BYE week with a much needed two-game winning streak. The team manhandled the Bills and slipped away with a big win over the Bears. Now, the birds will face the ultimate tests over the next two weeks as they face the NFL’s top defense and then take on the surefire MVP of this year, Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks.

The Patriots aren’t overlooking this game at all. It seems Brady and company had this one circled after their bitter loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl 52. While they’ll have revenge on their mind, so will one Bird on the other side.

Wentz may have won the Super Bowl with the team back in 2017 but he didn’t win it for the team. That’s a feeling that’s been haunting him since his return. Now at full health, the Eagles are going to need some Wentz magic as the top receivers are both injured. While DeSean Jackson is expected to miss the regular season, Jeffery’s injury may be the one that stings the most. In a league where the Quarterback is as good as his receivers are, Wentz will need his young wideouts to show up against this elite defense.

Washington Redskins

2019 Record: 1-8

2019 Ranks:

• Offense: 32nd

• Defense: 21st

• Passing offense: 31st

• Rushing offense: 25th

Week 11 vs New York Jets @ 1pm ET

The Redskins are who they are at this point in the season. An undisciplined group who is the exact reflection of their front office. This team has gone under a lot of scrutiny in the last couple of weeks due to the mishandling of Trent Williams’ health. As the star left tackle came out and revealed to the world that he battled cancer while the team doctors told him not to worry about it. On and off the field the Skins need to go through a major overhaul. Not much else can be said about a team that’s fallen down the rabbit hole for good this season.

Dallas Cowboys

2019 Record: 5-4

2019 RANKS:

• Offense: 6th

• Defense: 7th

• Passing offense: 3rd

• Rushing offense: 5th

Week 11 vs Detroit Lions @ 1:00pm ET

The Cowboys started off the season by beating teams they were expected to beat. Taking advantage of their schedule as the Eagles struggled through theirs. Now, they have a tough task ahead of them for the rest of the season as they set out to face the tougher half of the schedule.

Prescott has looked good and bad this season while Zeke has disappeared in games. Amari Cooper has shown why he was worth the 1st round pick the team traded away for hi, but other than that, it seems like this division may be heading towards a huge week 16 matchup against the Eagles. That game may decide the fate of both teams unless one can pick up some steam and run away from the other.

New York Giants

2019 Record: 2-8

2019 Ranks:

• Offense: 22nd

• Defense: 30th

• Passing offense: 18th

• Rushing offense: 22nd

Week 11 vs Chicago Bears@ 1:00pm ET

The Giants made a good decision to draft ‘Danny Dimes’. There, thats me admitting it but they’ve failed to put the necessary pieces around him at the offensive line.

Darius Slayton has also looked like a good draft pick with the speed and ability he’s shown for the team this season but on the other side of the ball, 1st rounder, DeAndre Baker has struggled mightily this season.

The team also has a huge decision to make in regards to their franchise running back. Saquon has been banged up almost all season, a season in which seems to be a dumpster fire. Head Coach Pat Shurmur has stated that the team has no intentions in sitting out Barkely for the rest of the season, this may backfire if the young back suffers a grueling injury.

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports