2021 OT Kevin Wigenton II talks Pitt visit and Rutgers offer

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Kevin Wigenton II is a 6’6 310 talented 2021 offensive tackle prospect whose recruitment is starting to rise. He plays for The Hun School of Princeton in New Jersey. I talked to him about his Pittsburgh visit and Rutgers offer for Philly Sports Network.

LJ: How has this season been going?

Kevin: The has gone well. We finished the season 7-2 and I have already gotten back in the weight room in preparation for next season. Looking to get stronger and faster.

LJ: What programs are showing you the most interest?

Kevin: Programs showing interest are, Pitt, Syracuse, Boston College, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, and Duke

LJ: Describe how successful your offense has been this season running and passing the football?

Kevin: Our offense was very successful this year, our QB threw for 2k yards with 22 touchdowns and 2 INT while being sacked maybe 4 times. Our running back had a 1000 yard season with over 15 total touchdowns.

LJ: How many sacks have you given up this season?

Kevin: 0, in my two years here I have yet to allow sack a stat I hope to continue and finish my senior season with.  I feel strongly each time I take a pass set that the d-lineman has no chance of getting around me.

LJ: Describe what stands out the most about Pittsburgh? How did your visit go?

Kevin: I loved my visit to PITT. It was everything I expected it to be and more. I wanted to go out there because they were one of the first programs to talk to me during my sophomore year and the interest has been mutual ever since.

I talk to coach Salem pretty often and will definitely be back in the springtime for a visit. I wanted to go back in November but the dates were not working out. I am excited to continue to build a relationship with coach Salem and the rest of the PITT staff.

LJ: You were offered by Rutgers? What do you like about that program? How do you feel about the possibility of playing with Greg Schiano?

Kevin: Yes Rutgers offered me on September 20th it was a dream come true, I have gone to games at Rutgers before I could even remember with my parents and to have a scholarship offer to go play there is such a blessing since I always wanted to play for Rutgers as a little kid. I love the proximity to home for me as it is only 40 minutes from my house and I love the business school Rutgers has and the opportunities it presents you with after college. I also love the staff at Rutgers right now they are all great guys and have been honest with me from the start. Rutgers was the first power five school to offer me so that will play a part when it comes time to commit.

Rutgers is going through some tough times right now but I heard about Coach Greg Schiano possibly coming back and I would love for that to happen. I watched him coach games at Rutgers when I was very young and He did great things for Rutgers in the past and I’m sure he would do good things for them in the future.

LJ: What improvement in your game stands out the most this season?

Kevin: Physicality and agility. I am still a work in progress but sophomore year verse junior year is night and day and I contribute that to my strength and conditioning trainer Coach A and my o-line trainer Val Barnaby. They helped me get better in every facet of the game.

LJ: When do you plan to commit?

Kevin: I honestly have no idea; I am going to take some time I do not see it being any time until at least July maybe even mid-season of senior year.