Eagles vs Seahawks flexed out of ‘Sunday Night Football’ spot


The Eagles have a tough pair of games ahead of them. They return off their bye week to face the New England Patriots and will then host the Seattle Seahawks one week later. The latter of the two was supposed to be a ‘Sunday Night Football’ matchup but has instead been flexed to a 1PM slot.

For any fans who struggle to make it through those late-night matchups, surprise!

The game it has been swapped with is Green Bay vs San Francisco. This makes total sense as all eyes will be on Aaron Rodgers vs Jimmy G and two playoff powerhouses, but you can’t help but feel Russell Wilson vs Carson Wentz carries just as much intrigue to a national audience who just saw Wilson and Garrapolo in an absolute thriller on Monday Night.

There’s always drama when the Eagles play the Seahawks. Whether it’s some Houdini magic from either quarterback or some stunning individual efforts on defense, the two teams always put on a show. it felt deserving of the national spotlight and it is kind of a shame to see that now ripped away.

This may actually benefit the Eagles however with Seattle flying in from the West Coast and having to play an early game as opposed to a late fixture where the time difference ‘hit’ would be less of a blow to the road team. Seattle will now essentially be playing the Eagles at 10 AM on the road. Not pretty. But, with Seattle coming off their bye, it’s likely Carroll will bring the team out early in order to get acclimated with the time zone.

On another note, it could well mean that the Eagles week 16 matchup against the Cowboys is thrust into a primetime spot in a corresponding move. This is just speculation, but it would make a lot of sense as a game that could well decide who wears the NFC East Crown.

Whether it benefits the Eagles or not, it’s always interesting to note the teams being positioned in front of the nationwide audience and the adjustments made as the season goes on. If the Eagles can get an extra kick of momentum against a team they’ve struggled to overcome in recent years…I don’t think they’ll mind playing a few hours earlier.

Eagles vs Seahawks flexed out of ‘Sunday Night Football’ spot