Wednesday Night Wars: AEW vs NXT Week 4

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WWE NXT; Full Sail University

1) Rhea Ripley vs “The EST of NXT” Bianca Belair

This match highlights two of the top four NXT women’s contenders for Shayne Baszler’s NXT Women’s Championship. The back and forth action in this match displayed the power of Rhea Ripley and the swiftness of Bianca Belair. At one point, both of these wrestlers attempted to Suplex one another, but Ripley’s power prevailed on that exchange. In an attempt to use her quickness to her advantage, Belair tried to leapfrog Ripley coming off the ropes but got caught in mid-air with a Big Boot. Ripley followed with the Gorilla Clutch, but Belair was able to get the rope break.

Rhea Ripley found herself on the outside of the ring and Io Shirai ran down to the apron, hitting a Tiger Feint Kick on Ripley. The referee was busy creating separation between Ripley and Bianca Belair. Shirai rolled Ripley back into the ring where she was hit with a Spear from Belair. Ripley kicked out at two while Candice LeRae pulled Shirai away from the ring apron. Ripley hit the Riptide on Belair and got the pinfall.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Pete Dunne commented on his loss to Damian Priest in the main event of WWE NXT last week. Dunne said Priest, “Did what he had to do,” about being kicked below the belt. About Killian Dain, Dunne said, “I don’t care about Killian Dain.”

2) “The Original Bro” Matt Riddle vs “The Technical Savage” Cameron Grimes

Both wrestlers immediately attempted their finishing move, but it was well scouted. A lot of the match was dominated by Matt Riddle. He connected with a Jackhammer on Cameron Grimes, which is ironic, because Riddle is beefing with Goldberg on Twitter and that was Goldberg’s finishing move. The NXT crowd is changing “Riddle” in the cadence of “Goldberg” throughout the match, which is mentioned multiple times by Mauro Ranallo. Riddle hits the Final Flash on Grimes, but Grimes answers back immediately with the Collision Course.

Soon after Matt Riddle kicks out of the pin following Cameron Grimes’ Collision Course, Riddle connects with the Bro Derek for the pinfall.

Winner: Matt Riddle

After the match, Matt Riddle goes over to fist bump Cameron Grimes, but Grimes tells Riddle to leave. Riddle fist bumps Tyler Bate, who is in the NXT crowd. Grimes sees Bate and shoves him. Bate answers back with Bip and Bop, which are the names that Bate gave his fists. He floored Grimes back on the ground.

3) Breezango and Isiah “Swerve” Scott vs The Forgotten Sons

Jaxson Ryker begins the match against Tyler Breeze. Breeze ends up being flattened on the ring apron with a Uranage on the outside of the ring. It seemed that The Forgotten Sons would be on the way to victory after hitting a triple-team Hurricanrana/Double Diving Headbutt combination, but Breezango pushed Ryker and Steve Cutler backward as if they were offensive linemen blocking linebackers. Later in the match, Isiah Scott used Ryker’s chest as a launching pad to Moonsault on Cutler and Wesley Blake on the outside of the ring. Blake goes for a Sunset Flip Pin on Scott, but Scott rolls through and hits a Jumping Back Kick on Blake, getting credit for the pinfall.

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