The Flyers need a new goal song, here’s some suggestions


The music that plays after a team scores a goal is somewhat of a battle cry. The music gets everyone out of their seat,
singing along and high fiving complete strangers. It brings the crowd together. The Flyers need that, desperately.

Long gone are the days of “Bro Hymn,” even “Light it Up.” Now, we have some kind of electronic song that many people
don’t know what to do with. Sure, it gets the heart pumping, even has somewhat of a catchy rhythm. However, look at
a team like the Chicago Blackhawks and their goal song, “Chelsea Dagger.” Fans show up to every home game, longing to
jump out of their seats and sing along to the tune. Once again, the Flyers need that kind of anthem.


So now let’s take a look at a few songs the Flyers could use to get the crowd into it even more.


Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory

This song has everything you need in a goal song. The build up while the horn is still blowing, the catchy lyrics.

“Give me a hell, give me a yeah. Stand up right now.” Hell, it even tells the fans what to do when the puck hits the back
of the net!

The guitar solo about two and a half minutes in would even be a good pad out that leads to the next face off, and still
keeps the crowd pumped up. This song would be an absolute thrill to belt out after Wayne Simmonds buries a dirty one,
Claude Giroux snipes one from the right circle, or Shayne Gostisbehere blasts one through traffic to hit twine.


Worlds Apart” by WWE Studios

Now hold on, because I know not all of you are crazy into professional wrestling, but let me preface this by saying that
the reaction the WWE crowd gives when this music comes on is the kind you want when a goal is scored. Don’t believe me?
Check this video out.


Given that most of these live events are held in hockey arenas around the country, you can believe that the deafening roar
of the WWE crowd could be similar to that of when a Flyer buries one for a score. It’s a chant-style song, which is perfect
for a goal song because the crowd can really get into it and sing along. Most appealing, is that it’s easy to sing along.
The last thing fans want is a complicated song they feel like they need to rehearse before they walk into the Wells Fargo
Center. Add in the fact that it’s a fast paced tune, and you have a near-perfect goal song.

You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates

For old time hockey fans, and fans of the movie “Step Brothers” this is a pretty great option here. Of course, Hall &
Oates isn’t the first group to come to mind when you think of potential goal songs, but this would be a great one for the
Flyers due to a few things.

As stated previously stated, old time hockey fans would love to belt out the chorus to this classic, and the kids who
listen to the absolute dross on the radio these days may develop an appreciation for the classics like this. It’s a fun
song, one that a majority of fans would know, and one they could definitely get into when the Flyers score.

The biggest factor in making this a goal song would be because Hall & Oates are local. Daryl Hohl (Hall) is from Pottstown.
John Oates may be from New York, but the two met in Philadelphia, and that’s all that matters in my opinion.

If the Anaheim Ducks would relinquish their Bro Hymn goal horn, I would include that in the list here as well, but I highly
doubt that they will. Hey, one can dream, right? Regardless, the current goal song just isn’t cutting it for me, and I’m sure
many of you may agree. If the Flyers were to choose one of the three aforementioned songs, fans would assuredly be popping
out of their seats real fast and filling the Wells Fargo Center with some beautiful noise that they can all bond over.


Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports