A win on Sunday keeps Eagles firmly in divisional race: State of the NFC East


Week 7 was a heartbreaker for Eagles fans as they witnessed their team get completely dismantled by the Cowboys. As those division foes battled, the Redskins and Giants continued to separate themselves further from the top two teams in the NFC East. Even though both teams are terrible right now, the Giants are still in the race in the NFC East, wow what a terrible division this has become! Anyway, here’s your Week 8 guide on the State of the NFC East:

Philadelphia Eagles

2019 Record: 3-4

2019 RANKS:

• Offense: 14th

• Defense: 24th

• Passing offense: 20th

• Rushing offense: 14th

Key players of Week 7:

• Carson Wentz – 16/26, 191 yards, 1 TDs, 1 INT

• Dallas Goedert – 4 receptions, 69 yards, 1 TD

Week 8 vs Buffalo Bills @ 1pm ET

The Eagles have lost two straight games, both against NFC contenders, in a very unusual fashion. The Vikings blew them out and the Dallas Cowboys followed suit last Sunday. Now, the Eagles head to Buffalo to take on a very stingy Bills defense…but there’s hope!

Josh Allen is a very beatable QB. The Eagles need this win more than they need anything right now, not only for their playoff hopes, but for morale in general. With the big black cloud of anonymous sources, outspoken players, misinformation, accountability and so much more floating around the Novacare complex, the team could really use a glimpse of sunshine!

Washington Redskins

2019 Record: 1-6

2019 Ranks:

• Offense: 30th

• Defense: 21st

• Passing offense: 31st

• Rushing offense: 24th

Key players of Week 7:

• Adrian Peterson – 20 carries, 81 yards

Week 8 vs Minnesota Vikings @ 8:20pm ET TNF

So, the bad news is that the Redskins were actually within reaching distance of a win last week. The good news is, they still lost! The 49ers only won by 9 points, but it wasn’t by their choosing. The rain played a huge factor in this game as it turned the field into one big waterpark!

Now, the Redskins head to Minnesota to take on a streaking hot QB in Kirk Cousins who just so happens to be their former Franchise QB. BUT on the other sideline will be Case Keenum who just so happened to be the QB that last took the Vikings to the NFC Championship(38-7).

Dallas Cowboys

2019 Record: 4-3

2019 RANKS:

• Offense: 7th

• Defense: 7th

• Passing offense: 4th

• Rushing offense: 4th

Key players of Week 7:

• Ezekiel Elliott – 22 carries, 111 yards, 1 TD

• Amari Cooper – 5 receptions, 106 yards


Cowboys used not only their three-game losing streak but also all of the bulletin material from Doug Pederson’s guaranteed win to fuel a huge win over the Eagles but was it a good Cowboys team or a really bad Eagles team?? I’d say its a case of both! This Cowboys team is loaded on defense and offense. Even with Dak Prescott not being an elite QB, this team looks primed for a huge year. Unfortunately.

New York Giants

2019 Record: 2-5

2019 Ranks:

• Offense: 25th

• Defense: 27th

• Passing offense: 23rd

• Rushing offense: 17th

Key players of Week 6:

• Daniel Jones – 22/35, 223 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

• Saquon Barkley – 18 carries, 72 yards, 1 TD

Week 8 vs Detroit Lions @ 1pm ET

It was the battle of the rookies at Met Life Stadium and Kyler Murray was the victor, thanks to Chase Edmunds who rushed for 126 yards and 3 touchdowns! Now the Giants head to Detroit as they continue to push through this season in hopes that they can find some glimmer of hope somewhere! It doesn’t look likely this year but hey! there’s always next year!

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports