What Ben Simmons’ new 3-pt shot means for the Sixers in 2019


The Start of an Era

The NBA has become a three-point shooter’s league. Larry Brown hates the 3-point shot, while the beloved Gregg Popovich has begrudgingly accepted as a necessary part of today’s NBA game. What was once a rare commodity among basketball players has become a key to success in today’s game. After times of agony among Sixer’s fans, between having Twitter fingers and full-blown boos during games, fans have expressed their desire for a Ben Simmons’ three. Well fans, the day finally came.

It isn’t a secret that Simmons’ first three was going to be the story of nearly every media outlet once it happened. After obtaining a sizable lead over the
Guangzhou Loong Lions, time was ticking down on the first half with the Sixers leading 79-41. Moments later, with about three ticks remaining on the clock, as Mike Scott would say, Simmons “cashed out” with his first three since draining one in an LSU uniform on November 30, 2015 (with Titanic music, for dramatic effect of course).

What This Means for the Sixers

The NBA is a shooter’s league. The Sixers now have a very sizable lineup in having Joel Embiid (7’0), Ben Simmons (6’10), Al Horford (6’10), Josh Richardson (6’6), and Tobias Harris (6’9) running the floor at the start of each game. The defense will be key and with players like Horford and Embiid controlling the paint, spreading the floor will be crucial. For a guy like Simmons to contribute to the outside firepower alongside Tobias and J-Rich, it will only add scoring. As Kobe Bryant has stressed, teams only look to take away a player’s strengths in the playoffs. Simmons continuing to add to his already impressive repertoire is crucial for his growth in his young career, as well as the Sixers’ upcoming regular season and playoff success.

For years, fans have screamed for the Sixers to find that player who can hit a cold-blooded dagger with seconds remaining. Simmons may not be that player yet, but it’s certainly a step in a positive direction.

This season will be an exciting one, so as the year goes on, remember to always Trust the Process.

 Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports