An Ode to Phillies-Killer Brian McCann


On Wednesday, the St. Louis Cardinals scored 10 runs in the first inning of game 5 of the NLDS. Never before had any team put up 10 runs in any 1 inning of the playoffs.

For Phillies fans, there was no taste sweeter than seeing that it was the Braves getting their teeth kicked in. The Cardinals winning eliminated the Braves from the playoffs.

The end of a division rival’s playoff run came with a separate piece of news. Catcher Brian McCann called it a career. 2020 will be the first year since 2005 that the Phillies no longer have to worry about the long-time Brave.

Through his 15-year career, McCann earned the infamous title (depending on where you’re from) of “Phillie-Killer”.

His 24 homers against the Phillies is ranks 7th since 2005. Ironically, he’s tied with Bryce Harper. Against the Phillies, McCann slashed .275/.345/.477. In Citizen’s Bank Park, he did even better, slashing .283/.359/.505.

Before we send this Phillie-Killer home for good, let’s relive a couple of his “worst” moments, just one more time.

We’ll start in 2019.

McCann fittingly recorded his 1,000 career RBI one a walkoff single against the Phillies and Hector Neris.

Remember that time McCann hit a go-ahead grand slam against HOFer Roy Halladay? Neither do I, because I erased it from my memory.

Alright, I was wrong. Reliving these memories is horrible.

In all seriousness, congratulations to Brian McCann on having one Hell of a career, especially against the Phillies. We at Philly Sports Network hope he can finally rest his knees after all his time catching with the Braves.

We also hope to never see him in an opposing batter’s box again.

Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports