The Eagles need to play with a sense of urgency in week 6 and beyond


The Eagles are heading back to the scene of their first-ever Super Bowl title. As they walk into U.S. Bank Stadium this weekend, Coach Pederson and company should take a quick breather, inhale the accomplishments of the 2017 season and exhale the demons of the 2018 season. 

Drake said it best with an album title from the previous years, “Nothing was the same”. That same theory applies to the Eagles organization as a whole right now. Pederson’s play-calling has been up and down ever since 2017. Howie Roseman has struck gold with some additions while striking out with other decisions. Carson Wentz has been battling his MVP self ever since. It’s tough to see as a fan because they want what’s best for the city as well as themselves. Fans are waiting for Howie to make an epic splash in hopes that it helps this Eagles team strive this season but do they really need to make a big move? I would argue otherwise. After spending all of last week contemplating on what this team is actually missing, observing the roster from top to bottom, re-watching previous games, I’ve come to the conclusion as to what this team needs right now.

Sure, I’m all for them adding players like Jalen Ramsey, Chris Harris, Robbie Anderson and any other player that makes sense. I’m also all for them staying put and trusting in this team. Think about it for a second. The Eagles currently have the best rush defense in the NFL. While they haven’t faced a true workhorse back like they will this weekend, its still something to take pride in.

It’s the right momentum they need while heading into a stretch where they’ll face Dalvin Cook and Ezekiel Elliot back-to-back. The pass rush seems to be making its way back to their 2017 form which is great news for the defense but the cornerback situation is still a reason for concern. My fix for them would be to go all-in on finding the right corner to invest in at the right price. It’s a must right now.

Also, while they’re missing their deep threat in DeSean Jackson, the Eagles offense is currently ranked 7th in the league while also averaging 28 points per game. in 2018 they only averaged 22 points per game so there’s a reason for optimism. They’ve also found a consistent run game they can rely on in Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders. But if I could wave a magic wand over this offense and fix two things, these are the spells I would cast…

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Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports