Instant analysis: Pass-rush lifts Eagles to dominant victory over Jets


Well, that was fun. The Eagles sent the Jets home with their tails between their legs after a demolishing 31-6 victory. Here is everything you need to know.


Ten. That’s how many times the Eagles were able to bring down QB Luke Falk in the decimating win and everyone wanted in on the action.

Brandon Graham set the tone early and set a new career-high (3), while Josh Sweat picked up his first-ever NFL sack and preseason hero Daeshon Hall even found himself on the board. To add some extra icing on the cake, Cornerback Orlando Scandrick notched a pair in his Eagles debut.

The Eagles also hit Falk 16 times. The offensive line was worryingly poor, but for an Eagles defense that had three sacks in four weeks, recording the second-most in franchise history during a single game can only give the pass-rush a much-needed confidence boost.

Orlando Scandrick’s usage

Scandrick may have been player of the game on Sunday. With 2 sacks and a strip-six (I think?) as a nickel cornerback making his debut, his impact cannot be overlooked. Credit where credit is due, Scandrick stepped into a secondary that was sorely lacking depth and was able to make things happen.

Offense wasn’t…brilliant

This is a tough one. On one hand, you can’t really be too mad after such a dominant win, but on other, not much of that production came from the offense.

Penalties plagued Pederson’s unit once again, the rushing attack salvaged 84 yards against a vaunted run defense and Wentz passed for 189 yards. It wasn’t flashy, sexy, or impressive at times. But it got the job done.

Wentz flashed more Houdini-like moves, Ertz showcased why he should be regarded as the best in his position in the NFL, and Jordan Howard was as efficient as always, scoring his fifth touchdown of the season.

Yes, the Eagles offense left a lot of meat on the bone, but when you have a five-course meal, you’re allowed to skip dessert.

But there was that one drive…

It’s the second time this has happened. The Eagles erased close to 7 minutes from the clock in the third quarter with a drive headlined by Jordan Howard. The Eagles just kept punching the ball up the gut, wearing down a defense that couldn’t get off the field.

If we’re going to take anything from this game, it’s just how impressive that drive was. It’s not the first time the Eagles have pulled it off and it won’t be the last.

What can we really take from this game?

The good news is, the Eagles didn’t fall victim to ‘the trap game’. They actually started fast, scoring their first opening possession touchdown of the year, and they were able to hold One LeVeon Bell to an eyebrow-raising 2.9 yards per carry. But, that’s about all we can take.

The offense didn’t have to carry the team as it did in recent weeks and that may be why it seemed far more conservative in comparison to recent weeks. The Jets then folded and the Eagles pass-rush just ran rampant all day long.

This game was always destined to be a blowout and the Eagles didn’t fall short of expectation. They’re on a two-game winning streak going into next week, which is huge, but anyting outside of that, whether it be inflated defensive stats or deflated offensive ones, should probably taken very very lightly.

 Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports