Can Trey Burke become the Sixers’ 6th Man?


Trey Burke has bounced around the NBA a little bit. Drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2013, Burke played for three seasons before being traded to the Washington Wizards. A free-agent after his lone season with the Wizards, Burke signed with the New York Knicks whom he played for until he was traded with Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks. Over his career, Burke has career averages of 10.9 points-per-game and 3.6 assists-per-game.

While he has played for more than his fair share of teams during his short career, Burke’s stats should have made him a desirable player to many NBA teams. That didn’t really happen as it took a full month before Burke found his new home. Signing Burke for a one-year league-minimum contract, the Sixers found an absolute steal.

The resume Burke owns shows his value as a scoring playmaker. His energy blends perfectly with Philly and he’ll become a quick fan favorite. Growing up a huge Iverson fan, Burke loved the idea of playing here. He has said that being in Philadelphia has come naturally. He’s got that attitude reminiscent of Iverson and DeSean Jackson that Philly just loves. He may not reach the accolades of those two but he certainly has a chance to leave a lasting impression if he sticks around long enough.

Over his career, Burke has been beyond a solid offensive contributor, but this year he wants more. After a challenge from his new coach Brett Brown, Burke plans on grinding on defense. Early reports from camp say that Burke will be an absolute force this season. Ben Simmons and Al Horford raved about Burkes play so far, about how amazing he’s played and how impressive his energy has been.

There’s so much excitement built around this team mostly in the starting lineup that we often forget about the bench. There are plenty of reasons to love the second unit. Mike Scott obviously is an exciting player and Thybulle, Smith, and Ennis are all 3 and D wing players. Burke though, is setting himself up to be a primary contributor off the bench for the Sixers. His offensive is electric and if he lives up to Coach Brown’s challenge which I know he can, we’re looking at our new sixth man.

Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports