Bacon, Eggs, and warmup fines? How Flyers players prepare for gameday


It’s gameday here in Prague. The Philadelphia Flyers are just hours away from kicking off their 2019 campaign with a showdown against the Chicago Blackhawks. There’s obviously a different vibe around this game. A neutral site in the Heart of the Czech Republic is bound to present new challenges, but that got me wondering, ‘How do players get ready for a game?’

We all have our routines before work. Some of us sing in the shower, others will eat a particular Breakfast. But how does that differ for a Hockey player?

I asked five Flyers the same questions this morning in order to find out.

What’s the best Breakfast to have on gameday?

Carsen Twarynski: Honestly, I’m not a big eater in the morning. I’d say Omelets and Bacon with a sausage. Maybe some yogurt and fruit.

Travis Konecny: I don’t know, probably just Eggs and Bacon.

Michael Raffl: Scrambled Eggs and Potatoes

Kevin Hayes: Pretty normal, smoothie and Eggs.

James Van Riemsdyk: No Breakfast. Usually, I don’t eat. For lunch, I’ll have brown rice, Chicken, some vegetables in a salad, olive oil and vinegar after a morning skate.

What’s the best song to amp you up for a game?

CW: I have too many. It depends on the day. Sometimes it’s rock, sometimes it’s hip hop.

TK: I don’t really listen to music, I don’t have a song

MR: I don’t know, I like Scott, our DJ, but I go with whatever the boys are listening to.

KH: Nothing specific, whatever music’s playing at the time. But probably rap.

JVR: I’m not much of a music guy. We have a couple of guys that throw tunes up in the locker room, but nothing fun for you there, I’m sorry.

What’s the best piece of advice given to you before taking to the Ice?

CW: Just to go out and do what I do. It’s just a game and I’m fortunate to play this and do it for a job.

TK: Rest, maybe? Probably rest. I don’t know.

MR: Don’t think too much.

KH: Be consistent. 

JVR: Worry about what you can control.

What’s your worst Hockey pun?

CW: Pass. I don’t use many puns I guess. 

Editors note: This was a pun, ironically enough.

TK: Uh…keep it simple?

MR: A pun? Like what?
LJ: Uhh, like ‘What the Puck’
MR: Oh I see. That was good. I like that one.


JVR: What’s an example of a good pun?
LJ: Umm, ‘What the puck’ is all I have. I was hoping you could come in the clutch.
JVR: Wow, that one’s a good one! What about cliches or innuendos? What’s a bad hockey cliche, Michael?
MR: Pucks on net?
JVR: Get it in deep? Yeah, get in deep.
LJ: Ivan told me there’s a lot of good D…
JVR: A lot of good D? That’s never true.

What’s the worst mistake you can make on gameday?

KH: Sleeping through the game. That wouldn’t be good.

JVR: Being late.
LJ: Have you eve…
JVR: Nope.
LJ: That’s what we like to hear.

What’s your most embarrassing pre-game moment?

CW: I haven’t had one yet! Hopefully that won’t change anytime soon.

TK: Um…I forgot my belt once.
LJ: Ouch, did you manage without okay?
TK: Yeah, I only had to worry before the game and after.

MR: I’ve seen a lot of stuff happen but thank God, it doesn’t happen to me. I’ve seen people forget their skate guards and fall over out there but it hasn’t happened to me yet.
LJ: Yet…don’t jinx it

JVR: Everyone has their routine. Whatever works for you, everyone’s different.
LJ: So you haven’t fallen over or anything?
JVR: I hope not.

JVR: I’ve fallen in warm-ups before, but usually you get fined for that and put money on the board. 
LJ: I’m guessing you mean like a joke, right? Not like an actual league fine…
JVR: If you fall down in warmups, you put up a couple hundred bucks on the board for the team fund.
LJ: Do you pay less if you pass it off as a cely or dance move?
JVR: It depends on how you go down and how long you’re down for so you Gotta get up quick

 Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports