Despite adversity, Eagles’ Wentz is already performing better than he did in 2017


What a way to start the season for the face of the Eagles’ franchise. What is essentially a redemption season for a quarterback who missed back-to-back playoff seasons with injuries, is off to a hot start.

In fact, through the first 4 games of 2019, he is exceeding the production from his “MVP campaign” in 2017. Impressive? Sure. But looking at the context of those 4 games, it’s actually stupid impressive.

Crunching the numbers

Comparing the stat line from 2017 and 2019 through 4 games, Wentz is delivering about the same number of completed passes, the same amount of interceptions, and a slightly higher total yardage. The major difference in the raw stats is obviously total touchdowns, which is up by 4.

Yards 1058 963
Completion percentage 60.5 %
60.7 %
Total TDs610

Putting some perspective on the completion percentage and yard total, Wentz has been subject to an absurd amount of dropped passes from his targets.

Drop percentage in 2019
1) Josh Rosen9.5 %
2) Carson Wentz8.3 % (6.1 % in 2017)
3) Teddy Bridgewater6.9 %

In 2017, Wentz had 9 passes dropped through 4 games, good for 6.1 % of his passes. In 2019, he had 7 drops in the game vs Atlanta ALONE, and has a 8.3 % passes dropped.

Missing his “best friends”

The “DNA” of Eagles offense took a twisted turn in week 2 against Atlanta, with DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jefferey missing the majority of the game. Jackson proceeded to miss weeks 3 and 4 as well, which hurts especially because he comprises 2 of Wentz’s 4 plays of 40+ yards. The explosive ability of the offense took a big hit. Jeffery would return in week 4, although still battling a calf injury.

DeSean and Alshon accounted for the Eagles’ 4 touchdowns in week 1. Their sudden disappearance in week 2 after strains sustained in a pregame warmup left the offense in utter confusion. In fact, the Eagles reportedly threw out most of their gameplan. The chaos was evident:

Dallas Goedert missed the Falcons game as well, while playing almost no snaps in the following week against Lions. Goedert is currently the 3rd highest graded blocking TE, and his presence opens up the running game. With him away, the offense relied even more on the shoulders of Wentz and the passing game.

Still PFF’s best in the league

Despite drops, injuries, and major in-game adjustments, Wentz is the highest graded QB by PFF after 4 games (by qualifying QBs with >50 % 196 snaps).

We are talking about a QB coming back from two season-ending injuries, who in 4 games have missed his 2 best WRs, is subject to the second-highest drop percentage in the league, and STILL is producing more than his MVP campaign in 2017. And is the highest-rated QB in the league.

Redemption season is in full effect.

Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports