2020 OLB Earnest Howard talks Temple and where his future lies

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2020 outside linebacker Earnest Howard is a 5-11 200 linebacker who plays for Pleasantville high school in Pleasantville, New Jersey. I talked to the talented prospect about his recruitment and interest in Temple.

LJ: What position are most teams recruiting you for?

Earnest: Mostly getting recruited at linebacker but as an ATH too.

LJ: Tell me what you like about these programs and do you plan to visit:

Temple: I like how you have to earn your stripes nothing is given.

Rutgers: I like how they play some of the top-notch programs in the nation.

Earnest: I like how both programs recruit south Jersey players. I plan to visit both programs

LJ: What has Temple told you they like about you?

Earnest: They like how I’m very versatile and I can really play anywhere in a defense at middle, strong side or weak side back even at hybrid.

LJ: What will scouts see has improved the most in your play?

Earnest: .playing faster to the ball and seeing me more active in pass coverage and playing the game more relax and more understanding 

LJ: What were your stats last season?

Earnest: I recorded 52 tackles but I had to sit out 4 games because of transferring over to Pleasantville

LJ: Describe how often these teams have stayed in contact with you.

Earned: Sacred Heart: SHU always making sure I’m good and I’m staying healthy. They are always on me. I can talk to them anytime of the day.

Morehead State: Rarely hits me up now. I’m looking to visit Sacred Heart and Howard.

LJ: What teams are recruiting you the hardest?

Earnest: NIU, UCONN, Temple, Elon, JMU, Rutgers, Holy cross

LJ: What visits do you have scheduled? Do you have a commitment date set?

Earnest: Everything is up in the air but plan on visiting NIU UConn, Elon, and JMU. No commitment date yet just working on finishing the season strong. 

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