Mack Hollins will look to impress Eagles in Green Bay


Mack Hollins is alive! After missing the entire 2018 season, Hollins has seen a huge increase in workload in the past two weeks, as the Eagles continue to battle with injuries to Alshon Jeffery and Desean Jackson.

However, with Alshon returning, one may presume that the UNC product would take a backseat. But Doug Pederson provided some insight that may surprise you.

“With Alshon back, who will take the backseat – JJ or Mack Hollins?”

“JJ (Arcega-Whiteside) and Alshon are playing the same spot, so JJ will take the backup spot to that position”

Doug Pederson on the WR situation

While the Eagles fanbase has been on the negative side (whaaaaaaat?) on Hollins after a drop on a crucial down late against the Lions, there were far more reasons to be excited about his development that went unnoticed.

Takeaways from the tape

Hollins made a few tough catches over the middle, one where Wentz placed the ball a little behind him just after the route broke inside, but he adjusted nicely and caught the ball.

Another impressive catch was in a one-on-one at outside receiver, where the CB lined up outside shaded. Hollins sold the route inside nicely, planted his foot, and exploded outside, making the catch for a first down:

On the dark side (get it?), Hollins had two big drops. One came on a go-route against cover 1 man where the safety never comes close to Hollins’ side. Wentz placed the ball beautifully, but not only did Hollins drop it, he pushed off, creating an offensive pass interference.

The other was the aforementioned drop on an inside breaking route late in the game where eagles needed to get at least in field goal range. Wentz once again put it on the dime.

Taking another step in week 4

After a 5-catch, 50-yard performance versus Atlanta, along with an encouraging performance vs Lions, Hollins has a chance to take it one step further against Green Bay. It would be crucial to his reputation to capitalize on the absence of DeSean Jackson, as his snap total will drop significantly when he returns.