Did Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher hint at a 9-game tryout for Joel Farabee?

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Well, Joel Farabee made it. The young buck who hails from Cicero, NY has made it to the final cut down, or “The Final Countdown,” gosh I love that song by Europe.

Farabee, who is only 19-years-old has opened some eyes at Flyers Camp. He has shown he can keep up with the big boys, whether if it’s at even strength, or on the penalty kill. Farabee plays a 200ft game, and can push the play with the best of them. However, defensively the kid is a stud too. Did I mention he was just 19-years-old?

One thing, however, Farabee needs to get better at finishing. He has yet to tally a goal this pre-season and has had tons of chances to do so. Especially, playing on a line once with Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier. It will come, and it may come Thursday. Maybe it will be like the movie, The Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come.”

Fletcher, who has been impressed with Farabee throughout camp, said during a conference call to the media on Tuesday, “I’m not as concerned about Joel in the short-term as much as in the long term. He’s going to be a really good player in this league for a long time. What that means for a week from Friday, we’ll see. We have another game to play. We’ll get together with the coaches and we’ll talk about what the lineup will look like for that game against Chicago.”

The Flyers GM continues, “He’s a real smart player. For a 19-year-old player, I think he’s ahead of the curve with a respect to awareness of the game away from the puck, his defensive understanding of the game. He’s obviously a highly competitive kid. Very intelligent kid. But it’s a tough league for a 19-year old player. What we do with Joel will be what’s right for the team, but also what’s right for him in the long run.”

This sounds like Farabee will be given a 9 game tryout with the big club, at the very least, as he is ‘Slide Rule’ eligible. By NHL rules, a player that is ‘Slide Rule’ eligible, he cannot play in 10 or more NHL games that season, or the team will be charged a year of that player’s ELC.

Farabee has not only opened some eyes to the Flyers top brass, media, and fans alike, but to Alain Vigneault and Claude Giroux, as well, “Joel is good,” Giroux said,He’s got hockey sense. He moves the puck well and has good hands and is quick. He’s got all the tools. I’m pretty excited to see him in games.” Vigneault on the other hand, continues to say that Farabee is a, “Smart, intelligent player,” throughout Training Camp.

Fletcher may have hinted at a 9 game tryout for the young Farabee. This young man in Farabee should be ecstatic, and he has earned it. He has made the final cut down, and he’s only 19-years-old. Exactly, 5 months after signing an ELC (On March 25, 2019, he signed his ELC). I’d say that’s pretty darn impressive. Thursday will be the biggest game of his young career against the New York Rangers, and once again he will open some eyes.