Is Samuel Morin destined for Flyers purgatory?

It’s been an interesting six years since the Flyers selected Samuel Morin with the 11th overall pick in the 2013 NHL draft. Injuries, demotions, promotions, you name it. Morin has been through the ringer in his 6 years with the organization.

This year is going to be difficult for the big man. The Flyers currently have eight defensemen at the NHL level, and there seems to be no room for Morin. Barring a trade, Morin doesn’t seem to factor into the Flyers plans for the upcoming campaign.

So where do the Flyers go from here? The first option they have is to test the trade market. Gauging interest in Sam Morin would be wise. One could argue that Robert Hagg should be the guy on the block. However, in a season where the Flyers are looking to make some noise in the playoffs, it seems that they will likely go the route of the proven commodity rather than the unproven commodity in Morin.

It may even be beneficial to throw both names out their on the block. Dangle two types of bait and see which one attracts the most suitors. Both would almost assuredly draw some interest on the open market, it remains to be seen which would draw the most.

The Flyers know what they have in Robert Hagg. At best, he’s a plug-and-play option for the 3rd pairing on defense. With Sam Morin, the Flyers don’t really know what they have in him. He’s often been injured during times where he could have been showing Flyers brass what he’s capable of at the NHL level. If the Flyers are going to make a push for an extended playoff run, they need to know what they have in their players.

So the Flyers explore the trade route, and they have no takers. The next step is trying to sneak Morin through waivers. This won’t be an easy task, but it’s a risk that Chuck Fletcher may need to take in order to know what they have in Morin. Some more time in Lehigh Valley would ultimately benefit Morin in the long run. It would also assure Chuck Fletcher that, if Morin stayed healthy, he could depend on him if called up to the Flyers for an extended period of time.

Morin needs ice time, plain and simple. Sure, he played in 76 AHL games back in 2015-16, and 74 more the next season. Since then, he hasn’t played in more than 17 games total in a season. The only way Chuck Fletcher and the Flyers are going to be able to find out what Morin can really bring to the table is to find a way to get him some ice time with the Phantoms.

The Flyers’ blueline is stacked right now. Provorov, Niskanen, Braun, Sanheim, Gostisbehere, and Myers are all virtual locks to make up the defensive pairings. That leaves a 7th defenseman role available, which means they’d be sitting in the box until an injury or someone’s performance starts to slip. It’s going to be extremely difficult to see if Morin is ready for the NHL by keeping him off the ice.

It’s a risky situation. You’re either risking losing Morin to a waiver claim, or risking stunting his growth as a player by keeping him in the press box. At this point, it doesn’t look like he will garner any NHL ice time over camp stand-out Philippe Myers. The other 5 spots on the blueline are spoken for as well. If Morin wants ice time with the Flyers organization, his best bet is to hope he clears waivers and suit up for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.

12 thoughts on “Is Samuel Morin destined for Flyers purgatory?

  1. Hey Mike, in case you haven’t left yet, I figured I would explain the Orioles hat…
    I like the Orioles. Plain and simple. Sorry you can’t get past the hat to check out some of my work. Your loss bud, thanks for the input!

  2. Yes hagg provorov Braun Patrick to jets for Laine. Hogborg is better then all of them will be on team next year anyway they are not a playoff team the way they are now so keep Morin let him prove himself can’t give up on a guy of his size and age


  3. Since when is Hagg ” a proven commodity”? Thr only thing he’s proved is just how much he sucks. Hagg is utterly awful.

    The Flyers blueline, far from being stacked, is a shambles. Provorov doesn’t have the first clue how to defend. He’s utterly awful and useless on the PK and the Flyers still insist on playing him there.

    Niskanen was decent 5 years ago. He’s too old now.

    Sanheim, Ghost, and Myers are all terrible defensively.

    This team once again is going to miss the playoffs. If I was Morin, I’d request a trade off this horribly run organization who makes one bad decision after another.

    This is, after all, an organization that thinks it can win with being led by Giroux, who hasn’t ever won anything, and a D Corps that doesn’t play defense.

    Another horrible season of suffering for Flyers fans coming up.

      1. Derrik,

        I’ve been watching this team longer than you’ve been alive. My outlook is born out of experience. I know this team inside and out. It hurts me to say they suck but reality is what it is.

        I also know when this organization makes egregious errors when I see it. Like playing and playing Provorov like he’s a #1 defenseman.

        Reality is Provorov is a #3 at best. This organization paid him more money than Columbus paid Werenski LOL. What a joke.

        The Flyers have become nothing more than a comedy show with Satan for a mascot.

        This team doesn’t know talent evaluation and can’t recognize the fact that it overrates it’s own players.

    1. I don’t think bringing Laine in is feasible at this point. Would it be great to have a bonafide goal scorer? Absolutely. However, they’re in a cap crunch with still having to sign Connor, so it would take a lot of maneuvering on both sides.

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