What can we expect in DeSean Jackson’s homecoming game?


Usually, whenever your favorite movie makes a sequel, your mind goes into a storm of positive and negative thoughts. Some sequels enrich a franchise while others were better off never being released. This case is different. See the Eagles released DeSean Jackson five years ago and unfortunately, he chose to sign to with the Washington Redskins at the time.

During his time away, Jackson has been an absolute nightmare for the Eagles. In six matchups against the Birds’ he recorded 569 yards and 2 touchdowns. Oh, and a five-game win streak. Four of those games saw Jackson record at least 100 yards of receiving. Thankfully, he’s back fighting the good fight this weekend.

Against the Eagles last season, D-Jax went off with 4 receptions for 129 receiving yards and 1 touchdown. A game that would haunt the Eagles all season long. But the Poltergeist has toyed with the Eagles long enough. His first game back in midnight green just so happens to come against the  Washington Redskins, with whom he spent three season’s with after being kicked out of Philadelphia unceremoniously.

“It’s going to be a very special occasion. I’ve been looking forward to this since I’ve been back. All I can think about is the first time when I’m entering the field into the Linc.” , Jackson stated.

“Coming back here and seeing so many familiar faces and knowing my way around, from that very first step, it’s been just wonderful,” Jackson says. “I’m so happy to be embraced by the team and by the fans. It’s special to be wanted. This is where I belong. It’s great to be back.” 


Excitement is at an all-time high right now for number 10. As much as he wants to lose his mind and let out all of his emotions, the Eagles x-factor is doing his best to contain himself while waiting for opening day at the Linc. He’s not alone. The fans are anticipating for Jackson to continue his legacy as the best deep threat in the league, this time back in the midnight green.

While so many things have changed since his last stint with the birds, one thing has remained the same. The love that Philadelphia has for their prodigal son has never changed. It never mattered what jersey DeSean had on, he always adored in the city of brotherly love.

Both teams know that Jackson will be a huge x-factor this Sunday, broken finger or not. The fact that he’s on the field demands for everyone to pay close attention to number 10. Even Redskins Coach, Jay Gruden had praise for the impact DeSean will have on any game. In regards to Jackson’s impact whether he’s targeted or not, Gruden had this to say,

The scary thing about having Jackson back is that his ability to stretch the field hasn’t depleted with age. Even at the age of 32, DeSean Jackson is still one of the fastest players in the NFL and one of the best deep threats. Over the offseason, Doug Pederson had nothing but praise for Jackson’s training, when asked about if he was surprised that Jackson is still so fast, Pederson said:

“I’m not, just because of the way he trains in the off-season. A track guy that still works on his craft, works on his speed, so I’m not surprised that he still has that level of speed still left in the tank.”

Now heading into his 12th season in the NFL. Jackson is on a team that is not only loaded with weapons but rightfully equipped to accomplish a goal he never had the chance, that’s to win a Super Bowl. With a healthy Carson Wentz counting on Jackson’s abilities to stretch the field and the best offensive line in the league today protecting that QB. The goal may not be as farfetched as it once felt for the star wideout.

The team may be different, the coaching staff may have changed but all of it changed for the benefit of DeSean Jackson. Both sides had to go through the growing pains to find their way back to each other. It may not be a case of a “little too late” but more so a fitting way to spend the final years of his prolific career for DeSean Jackson.

All fans want to see is a little something like this. A real throwback. First play of the game, a deep bomb to from Wentz to Jackson, rekindling fond memories of the ‘Monday Night Massacre’. Will we see it? Who knows. But with so much adrenaline and emotion surrounding the return of #10, one thing’s for sure. Broken finger or not, D-Jax will always be an X-factor who  comes alive in the biggest moments…and there may be none bigger so far than his homecoming.