Sixers Working Out 7-Time All-Star: Everything you need to know

The Sixers are looking to once again improve their roster. 17-year veteran Joe Johnson will be working out for the Sixers today in an attempted NBA comeback. Johnson played for the Houston Rockets last season. In 23 appearances, Johnson averaged six points in 22 minutes.

Johnson was recently named MVP of the Big3 basketball league after leading all players in points per game and assist per game. His first year in the Big 3 has been an impactful one. With big shot after big shot, Johnson led his team to the Finals this Sunday. We’ve had a chance to see a revival of ISO Joe and the Sixers are hoping that will carry into the NBA season.

While he is no longer the player he was in the past, Johnson could still add value to an NBA team. As an isolation player off the bench, Johnson would help the half-court offense by looking to create opportunities for himself and his teammates.

If the workout goes well and if the Sixers decide to sign Johnson, how will he affect the development of the young Sixers players? He could potentially take time away from the young players, at least at first. I see Johnson adding some value from the bench while providing mentorship for some of the young wings. Johnson could potentially start the season flush with minutes. They could steadily decline as Zhaire Smith and Mattisse Thybulle earn more and more trust.

There has been a lot of talk about if the Sixers should workout Carmelo Anthony. Melo is an interesting player but Johnson is similar without the potential headaches. Both isolation specialists who you hope can catch and shoot a bit.

The experience Johnson brings in matched by his skill set could add value to a strong Sixers roster. He brings in plenty of playoff experience and knows what success and hard work look like in the NBA. Look for Johnson to be a vocal leader and a spark off the bench if all goes well at the workout.

Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

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